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Situation Vacant Project based Research Assistant Department of MathematicsAdvertisement
Situations Vacant (Associate Lecturer) IPB.292Advertisement
Situations Vacant (Faculty) IPB-285Advertisment
Situations Vacant: Assistant Professor under the interim placement of PhD’s (IPOP)Advertisment
Situations Vacant (Administration Staff) IPB-274Advertisement
Situations Vacant (Administration Staff) IPB-186Advertisement
Project Based Career Opportunities IPB-180Advertisement
Situations Vacant (Faculty Engineering College) IPB-165Advertisement
Situations Vacant (University College of Nursing) IPB-163Advertisement
Situations Vacant (Visiting Faculty Required Rahim Yar Khan Campus) IPB-139 Advertisement
Situations Vacant (University College of Nursing) IPB-58Advertisement
Position Vacant-Research Assoicate Institute of Physics  (Project Based)Advertisement
Internal Advertisement Inviting Applications for the post of Assistant Director IT & Network AdministratorAdvertisement
Position Vacant-Consultant Department of Entomology, UCA&ES.  (Project Based)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Research Assistant Deptt. of Biochemistry  (Project Based)Advertisements
Position Vacant-Research Associate and daily paid labour Faculty of Veterinary (Project Based)Advertisements
Position vacant Reaserch Assistant Horticultural Department Advertisement
Position Vacant-Research Assistant Department of Biotechnology (Project Based)Advertisement
Corrigendum Situations Vacant (Associate Lecturer) IPB-951Advertisement
Hiring / Selection of individual Financial ConsultantAdvertisement
Situations Vacant (Associate Lecturer) IPB-951Advertisement
Project-Based Career Opportunities IPB-950Advertisement
Project-Based Career Opportunities Department of Chemistry Advertisement
Project-Based Career Opportunities IPB-864Advertisement
Situations Vacant Assistant Professor(IPoP) BS-19 on contract under the Interim Placement of PhD's (IPoPs) Program. IPB-835Advertisement
Project-Based Career Opportunities IPB-815Advertisement
Situation Vacant Ad and Corrigendum (Associate Lecturer) Advertisement and corrigendum
Situations Vacant (Non Teaching Staff) IPB-676Advertisement
Situations Vacant (IT Staff)Advertisement
Corrigendum Situations Vacant (Teaching)Advertisement
Situations Vacant (Teaching)Advertisement
Situations VacantAdvertisement
Situations Vacant (Directorate of Information Technology)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Research Assistant Department of Chemistry (Project Based)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Geography)Advertisement
Position Vacant- VISITING FACULTY REQUIRED Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Campuses IPB-178Advertisement 
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Entomology)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of History)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Forestry)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Botany)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Law)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (University College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Plant Pathology)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Education)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Food Science and Technology)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Situations Vacant On Regular / Contract BasisIPB-137Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Pakistan Studies)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Social Work)Advertisement
Position Vacant- Situations Vacant (Legal Advisor(s) / Legal Counsel(s) IPB-130)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Department of Soil Sciences)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer ( University College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences)Advertisement
Position Vacant-Visiting Lecturer (Applied Psychology)Advertisement
Situation Vacant (Hiring / Selection of individual Consultant (Short Consultancy) IPB-60)Advertisement
Situation Vacant (Project Based Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnolog)Advertisement
Corrigendum IPB-1099 Situation Vacant Faculty (IPB-1133)Apply Now
Situation Vacant (Director Health Projects) IPB-1115Apply Now
Situation Vacant (Administration) IPB-1089Apply Now
Situation Vacant (Faculty) IPB-1099Advertisement
Situation Vacant (Project Based Department of Physcis)Advertisement
Situation Vacant (Reserach Officer/Lecturer)Apply Now
Corrigendum IPB-949 (Situation Vacant on Daily / Monthly Wages)Advertisement
Situation Vacant Research Project Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies (CIDS)Advertisement
Situation Vacant Research Project Department of EntomologyAdvertisement
Research Associate in a research project funded by (PARB) Deptt. of Zoology IPB-757Advertisement
Advertisement-IUB-Research-Associate.pdf">Research Associate Department of PharmacyAdvertisement
Situations Vacant Non Teaching BPS-18 and Above IPB-778Advertisement
Research Assistant Department of MathAdvertisement
Corrigendum IPB-479 (non teaching)Advertisement
Situation Vacant Project Based Department of Soil SciencesAdvertisement
Situation-Vacant-Project- Based (Department of Education)Advertisement
Research Associate Project Based Veterinary College IPB-238Advertisement