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Directorate of Academics

Directorate of Academics at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur was established with the objective to collaborate with the academic departments for development of curricula in line with international best practices, market needs, and requirements of accreditation bodies for different degree programs, and to ensure their effective implementation at the University level. The office is also providing guidelines for review of curricular and disseminating the directions of competent authority i.e.Academic Council, Syndicate for enforcement of highest academic standards for excellence in teaching and learning.

The Directorate ensures implementation of academic regulations and policies, development, and execution of academic calendar through proper monitoring system, review, and update of academic programs, start of new programs in anticipation of emerging needs and preparation of future forecasts. The office also coordinates with teaching departments for review and update of infrastructure including laboratories and classrooms, planning and execution of trainings for faculty, and internships / teaching assistantships for PhD scholars to ensure quality teaching and research reflecting the highest international educational and research standards matching with the world’s best universities.

Prof. Dr. Jawad Iqbal,
Director Academics

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