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The university has sports and cultural clubs as well as student societies. There are 27 student’s societies under the umbrella of the Directorate of Students Affairs at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Teachers and officers are assigned to administer each society as advisor/co-advisor to enhance students’ skills and provide them opportunities to contribute in co-curricular activities in the university. Each society has 15 students’ office bearers, appointed annually after proper advertisement and interview processes.

Students Societies in Bahawalpur Campuses

  1. Qiraat & Naat Society
  2. Debating Society
  3. Literary Society
  4. Character Building Society
  5. Sports Society
  6. Science Society
  7. Environmental Protection Society
  8. Fine Arts Society
  9. Publication Society
  10. Performing Arts Society
  11. Media Society
  12. Social Welfare Society
  13. Health and Safety Society
  14. Tourism Promotion Society
  15. Entrepreneurship Society
  16. Social Media Society
  17. Scouts Group

Students Societies in Rahim Yar Khan Sub-Campus

  1. Media Society
  2. Performing Arts Society
  3. Sports Society
  4. Literary and Character-Building Society

Students Societies in Bahawalnagar Sub-Campus

  1. Performing Arts Society
  2. Character Building Society
  3. Scouts and Adventure Club
  4. Entrepreneur Society
  5. Social Welfare and Blood Donation Club
  6. Science Society for Sustainable Development

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