Rules & Regulations


These Regulations shall be called the Islamia University of Bahawal- pur Regulations for admission in Bachelor and Master Classes 1995, (Revised 2015).


  • In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby re- spectively assigned to them:
    • Admission Committee” means the University Admission Committee constituted by the Vice Chancellor.
    • Equivalent Examination” means an examination recog- nized by the University as equivalent to Master, Bachelor or Intermediate.
    • Fresh Candidate” means a person who has passed FA/FSc or equivalent & BA/BSc or equivalent examination in the Second Annual Examination of the preceding year or First Annual Examination of the current year.
    • In Service Candidate” means a person who is in the ser- vice of government, semi government or autonomous body created by an Act of legislature.
    • Bachelor and Master Classes” means classes after 12 and 14 years of education, respectively.
    • University” means the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.
    • Morning Session” means morning classes starting from 08:00 am onwards or as per schedule announced by the department concerned.
    • viii. “Evening Session” includes evening classes starting from 03:00 pm or as per schedule announced by the department concerned.
    • Reserve seats” means the quota seats with pre-defined criterion, these shall be for the morning program only, ex-cept seats reserved for University teachers and employees.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in any other regulations of the University, the admission in the Bachelor / Master clas- ses of the University teaching departments/constituent and affiliated colleges shall be made in accordance with these regulations.
    • Any admission made in contravention of these regulations shall be void.
    • Admission shall be made on the basis of merit in accord-ance with the criteria laid down by the department and on the basis of academic record and NAT/Departmental Test, where applicable.
    • Note: The departments where NAT is mandatory, 40% marks are compulsory to make a candidate eligi- ble for admission. However, the weightage of NAT will be included in the merit as per require- ment of the concerned department/program. 40 % marks obtained in Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) will be considered as equivalent to 40% of NAT.
    • iii. 50% of the general merit seats in each department will be filled from the candidates domiciled in Bahawalpur Division. A candidate desiring admission against these seats shall have to provide his/her domicile certificate of Bahawalpur Division or his/her B-form certificate along with fa- ther’s/mother’s domicile of Bahawalpur Division. If a candi- date qualifies on open merit as well as on Bahawalpur quo- ta, he/she will be considered first on open merit seat. How- ever, this seat distribution is not applicable to admis- sions in the affiliated colleges.
    • iv. Principals of the constituent/affiliated colleges and Registrar office of the University shall ensure imple- mentation of these regulations and admission criteria, as set by respective Boards of Studies, in letter and spirit.


Notwithstanding anything applicant for reserve seats will have to meet the minimum criteria

  • Two seats in each program offered are added for each cate- gory (i) & (ii) mentioned below. Admission on these seats shall be made on the basis of inter-se merit and unfilled seats will remain vacant.
    • Children/self/spouse/real brothers & sisters of the Islamia University teachers (In the same order of preference).
    • Children/self/spouse/real brothers & sisters of the Islamia University employees (In the same order of preference). Following order of preference will be observed:
      • Teachers/Employees (serving or retired) having regu- lar service in the University not less than five years.
      • Teachers/Employees (regular/contract) having less than five years service.
  • Two seats are reserved in each teaching department for chil-dren of Martyrs of the Defense forces & Army personnel (in the absence of applicants for this category, children of the serving or retired personnel of the Armed Forces) to be nomi- nated by GHQ Adjutant Branch.
  • One seat in each department is reserved for the candidate having domicile of Baluchistan.
  • Two seats are reserved in each teaching department for stu- dents from Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K).
  • Two seats are reserved for candidates from Federally Admin- istered Tribal Areas (FATA) in all departments & constituent colleges. However, in case of admission in University College of Engineering and Technology, one seat will be reserved for FATA candidates in each Technology.
  • 2% of the total number of seats (maximum two seats) in each department is reserved for special persons having certificate of disability issued from District Social Welfare Board.
  • Two seats are reserved for employees of Government and Semi Government Departments/Organizations in Master pro- grams of Department of Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Geography. Admission shall be made on inter-se merit.
  • Four seats are reserved in the department of Physical Educa- tion and Sports Sciences for in service School Teach-ers/Employees of Government and Semi Government De- partments/Organizations who have sufficient sports back- ground.
  • Maximum 1% or minimum one seat is reserved per program for admission on sports basis in all teaching departments. Admission shall be granted on merit to be determined by the Committee constituted by the Vice Chancellor.
  • Three seats are reserved in the Department of Pharmacy* for personnel of Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Three seats are reserved in the Department of Pharmacy for the son/daughter of Pharmacists*. * The candidates admitted on merit seats at j & k will have to donate Research Equipment(s) of the value to be determined by the department and approved by the com- petent authority.
  • For foreign candidates/Children of Pakistani's settled abroad. The eligibility and number of seats for such applicants shall be determined by the Admission Committee, subject to the procedure laid down by the HEC/Government Agencies.
  • One seat is reserved for Afghanistan Nationals in each of the following morning programs to be nominated by HEC under scheme, “Award of 2000 scholarships for Afghan nationals” : MSc Economics, Applied Psychology, Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Phys- ics, Statistics; MA English Language & Literature, Interna- tional Relations, Media Studies, Political Science, Education, Social Work, Arabic, History, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Stud- ies; Masters in Library & Information Science, LLB, MCom, MCS, MBA (if offered) /BBS, Pharm-D, BEMS, BHMS, BSc Electrical Engineering & DVM.
  • Five seats are reserved in morning & evening program each for lawyers’ sons and daughters in the department of Law.
  • One Seat in each program is reserved for the candidate of Cholistan in the University College of Engineering & Technol- ogy (UCE&T) subject to fulfillment of all general requirements of UCE&T along with provision of Permanent Residence Cer-tificate (PRC), duly verified from department of Revenue and father’s National ID card.
  • One seat in each department is reserved for the candidate having domicile of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Admission Procedure

A Candidate / an Applicant seeking admission in Bachelor & Mas- ter classes shall apply online as per prescribed procedure:

  • Step 1:Candidates shall register himself / herself on the university Website by filling the registration form.
  • Step 2:After completing registration he/she will be able to fill Admis- sion application form. While submitting the admission form, the applicants are advised to be careful and provide the cor- rect/ genuine information. (Submission of false statement may lead to cancellation of candidature /admission and also to legal / criminal action).
  • Step 3:After submission of valid application form the system will generate a challan form, to be printed by the candidate.
  • Step 4:The applicant shall deposit prescribed admission processing fee on auto generated challan in any nearest HBL branch.
  • Step 5:If applicant wants to apply in another program / department, he / she will go back to step 2. For every application form candidate will get a new challan and he / she will have to de- posit separate application processing fee.
  • Step 6:If an applicant needs to update his /her information, he / she will login using candidate registration information and pass- word.
  • Step 7:The Candidate will be able to check the status of his / her application online.
  • Step 8:If the candidate’s name appears in a merit list, he/she will present himself/herself in person, with in due time, along with all original documents to the admission committee of the respective department and follow the instructions of the committee.


  • Maximum age limit for admission in all Bachelor and Master classes is 23 and 28 years, respectively, on the last day fixed for the receipt of applications. Provided that:-
    • For a candidate seeking admission in BEd on the basis of MA/ MSc, the age limit shall be 30 year (the age limit shall not apply to the spouse of teachers and other employees of this University) and in-service candidates applying for ad- mission to seats reserved for them.
    • Maximum age limit for admission in MBA / BBS (evening) will be 40 year.
    • Maximum age limit for admission in all Bachelor programs except BHMS/BEMS on the basis of BSc will be 25 year.
    • Maximum age limit for admission in BHMS and BEMS on the basis of FSc and BSc will be 24 and 28 year, respec-tively.
    • v. Maximum age limit for admission in MCom is 30 year.
  • However, age limit shall not be applicable to the candidates seeking admission in the evening programs except those mentioned at 4-a above, with the provision that the Vice Chancellor can relax the age limit in consultation with the Principal of the constituent/affiliated college, Chairman of the concerned Department & Dean of corresponding Faculty. Request for age relaxation shall be made by the overage candidate on the prescribed proforma (Annexure – I) along with the admission form.
  • These age limits and rules for age relaxation shall also apply on candidates seeking admission in affiliated col- leges. However, such overage candidates will have to get age relaxation as described in 4-b above before admis- sion. No age relaxation will be granted after admission.


  • A student who was rusticated/expelled or whose entry in any college/University campus was banned for any reason what- soever at any time during his/her academic career shall not be admitted to any class, provided that the Syndicate may al- low admission of such candidates on the recommendations of the Admission Committee.
    • At any stage the University reserves the right to cancel the admission of a student who has obtained his/her admission by making any mis-statement or concealing a material fact, as well as, whose admission is found to be in violation of these admission regulations. The Dean of Faculty/ Director Campus and in the absence of the Dean, the Chairman/Principal/HOD/ concerned is authorized to cancel the admission of such student(s).
    • The student may within seven days of the cancellation order under clause 5-f(i) above appeal to the Vice-Chancellor after depositing Rs.600/. The decision of the Vice Chancellor shall be final.
    • The University reserves the right to rectify any error / omission in the admission lists etc. without incurring any liability. The Dean of the Faculty concerned shall be authorized to take such corrective action.


  • The merit of any applicant, who has passed an examination other than BA/BSc, FA/FSc, shall be determined by making a proportionate conversion of his/her marks obtained in such examination to the total marks of BA/BSc level examination of this University or FA/FSc level Examination of BISE, Baha- walpur as the case may be. However, in case of each year lost, 5 marks shall be deducted from total marks obtained in last qualifying exam i.e, FA/FSc, or BA/BSc or equivalent ex- aminations provided that maximum deduction will be of 40 marks. This clause shall not apply to the applicants seeking admission against the seats reserved for in-service candi- dates.
  • For admission to BSc Engineering 10 marks will be deducted for each year lost. However, no deduction will be made for candidate applying after qualifying BSc in current year and for those who have done additional Mathematics in current year in FSc.
    • Subject to the provision of clause (ii) below only those can- didates who have passed the Bachelor's Degree from this University or equivalent examination of a recognized Uni- versity at least in 2nd division or otherwise mentioned, shall be eligible for admission to the postgraduate classes. Con- dition of at least second division or otherwise mentioned by the department, shall also be applicable to the candidate seeking admission to the undergraduate classes on the ba- sis of Intermediate or equivalent examination.
    • In case a candidate who has passed his BA examination from the University where the compulsory English is of less than 200 marks or passed his/her BA/BSc examination without English, the following deduction will be made from the total marks while determining merit:
    • Marks to be deducted
      • 1) BA with compulsory English of 150 marks 10 marks.
      • 2) BA with compulsory English of 100 marks 20 marks.
      • 3) BA/BSc without compulsory English 40 marks.
  • 20 marks for NCC/WG and Hafiz-e-Quran each will be added in the marks obtained in last qualifying examination.
  • In case of tie among the applicants, merit shall be determined firstly after adding the total marks obtained in the Intermedi- ate examination and secondly, if the tie still persists, by add- ing total marks obtained in the Matriculation examination to the total marks obtained in BA/BSc or equivalent examina- tion.


  • Merit lists of candidates for admission shall be prepared by the University Admission Cell and displayed on the Uni- versity website as per schedule announced every year. Admission Committee of the corresponding department will download the merit list and display it on the depart- mental notice board after signature.
  • Candidates whose names appeared in the earlier merit lists but were unable to deposit their dues within time may apply for inclusion in the subsequent lists, if seats are available. Such applications will be submitted to the departmental admission committee at least one day be- fore the display of the next list. The departmental admis- sion committee will forward all such requests to the Uni- versity Admission Cell with in due time before generation of the next merit list. This facility will however be availa- ble only once for a candidate.
  • The applicants selected for admission shall present them- selves with original documents before the admission commit- tee of the department concerned for verification of their doc- uments. In case of admission of a candidate who remained student in any other department of the University, the Chair- man of the department shall seek the information from DSA or Chairman CIM, Chairman Appeal Committee (CIM) or Chairman of the department, where the applicant was stu- dent, regarding conduct during his/her stay in the Universi- ty/Department. The admission to such students may be granted only after receiving satisfactory report by the quarter concerned.
  • For each program there shall be Admission Committee that will consist of the following members:-
    • For Main Campus
      • Chairperson / Head of the department.
      • One teacher designated by the Chairperson / HOD as Incharge of Admission Committee for the said program.
      • One teacher nominated by the HOD / Chairperson as Secretary Admission Committee of the said program.
      • An Assistant / Clerk deputed for admission process.
    • For Sub Campus
      • Director of Sub campus.
      • Chairperson / Head of the Department
      • One teacher designated by the Chairperson /HOD as Secretary Admission Committee.
      • An Assistant / Clerk deputed for admission process.
    • For Constituent Colleges
      • Principal
      • Chairperson / Head of the Department
      • One teacher designated by the Chairperson /HOD as Secretary Admission Committee.
      • An Assistant / Clerk deputed for admission process.
  • After documental verification of the applicant’s data the departmental admission committee will generate and is- sue an electronic challan to the candidate for depositing dues in the nearest branch of HBL. It is responsibility of the applicant to complete these formalities and deposit dues within due date.
  • The candidates who are not registered with the Islamia Uni- versity of Bahawalpur shall produce the Original Migration Certificate/NOC from their respective Universities/Education Boards before commencement of classes, failing which their admission may be cancelled.
  • A consolidated list of all admitted students shall have to be forwarded to CMS for record and for onward transmission to the Dean, Registrar, Treasurer, Director Students Affairs etc. within 15 days after the closing of admission.


  • Students of annual system or semester system having less than 80% attendance in any course shall not be al- lowed to appear in the examination of the concerned course. They will be required to have at least 80% attend- ance of the total lectures delivered to the class in all papers taken together (both theory and practical).
    • If a student, under annual system, fails to attend at least 50% of lectures in theory or practical/seminars in each paper during a calendar month, except for valid reasons to be determined by the Chairman of the Department concerned will be struck off the rolls of the University. The Dean of Faculty/Director Campus concerned may re-admit such a student if he/she applies within seven working days after the date his/her name was struck off the rolls and the Chairman of the Department is satisfied that his/her ab- sence from the class was for reasons beyond his/her con- trol and if he/she undertakes to be regular in future.
    • The Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendations of the Chairman and the Dean / Director Campus concerned may re-admit a student whose admission has been cancelled due to prolonged absence with reference to Regulation 8-b ‘i’ and who has applied for readmission within 40 days of the cancellation of his/her admission and the Chairman of the Department is satisfied that his/her absence from the class was for reasons beyond his/her control and if he/she undertakes to be regular in future.
  • NOTE:
    • In case of cancellation of admission of any student, the fees/dues deposited by him/her shall not be refunded in any circumstances.
    • The students who are allowed re-admission will have to pay re-admission fee of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/-, if he/she has applied within 7 days and 40 days, respectively. Such stu- dents may be given only one more chance of re-admission to the class on payment of prescribed fee, during the stipu- lated duration of his/her study program.


  • All University dues including hostel charges must be paid on or before the dates notified for the purpose. Any delay in payment of dues may render the names of defaulters liable to be struck off.
  • Already enrolled students should deposit all fee/dues includ- ing hostel dues on or before the date notified by the Treasur- er/Concerned Department.
  • If a student fails to deposit fee and dues by the given date, he/she will be charged a fine of Rs. 1000 (if dues paid within a period of 10 days after last date fixed for deposit of dues) and Rs. 2000 (if paid within a period of next 10 days delay) and Rs. 4000/- (if paid within a period of further next 10 days delay) A student who does not deposit his/ her dues after the period of 30 days of the last date fixed, his/her admission shall be cancelled. He/she may be reinstated by competent authority on the recommendation of Chairman/HOD and de- posit of additional fine Rs. 4000/-.
  • The dues paid for admission shall neither be refundable nor transferable in any circumstances except in case a candidate after his/her admission against any merit list or vacant mer- it/reserved seat of morning or evening class deposits Univer- sity fees & dues in more than one departments/class, he/she may apply for refund of fees & dues deposited for other de- partment/class except that one of his/her choice. Provided that such applications should reach the treasurer's office through Director campus/Head of teaching depart- ment/Principal University College concerned, within fourteen days of the date fixed for displaying of the final merit list or date of admission against any vacant merit/reserved seat of morning or evening class (as the case may be). After the said period no such application shall be entertained.
  • The students needing hostel accommodation must deposit fees & dues for one year along with the University Fee & Dues at the time of admission in the University. In case, the University cannot provide hostel accommodation for any rea- son, the hostel fees and dues will be refunded.
  • Hostel facility is available on merit for the morning class stu- dents. Students admitted in the evening classes are not enti- tled for hostel accommodation. However, female students of evening programs may be considered for hostel accommoda- tion (If seats are available).

For Pharm.D. , BEMS & BHMS Students only

  • a. A student who fails to qualify all the papers in a class in three consecutive chances availed or un-availed, shall not be al- lowed to remain on the rolls of the department.
  • b. A student may be promoted to higher class on depositing full fee but no student would be allowed to sit in the higher class examination unless he/she has passed all the papers of lower class.
  • c. A student may be promoted provisionally on depositing full fee but his/her admission to the next class would depend on passing of at least 50% papers in the annual examination of the lower class. If the provisionally promoted student fails to qualify the required number of papers (50% papers) in the said examination, he/she will be dropped from the rolls of the higher class automatically.
  • d. In all the cases, students would be promoted to the higher class after first annual examination only.
  • e. A student who has appeared and passed the lower class ex- amination after his/her promotion to the higher class, can not sit in the higher class examination in the 2nd annual (supple- mentary) examination held in the same year.


  • All difficulties and hardships connected with or pertaining to admission shall be resolved by the Admission Committee whose decision shall be final. The Admission Committee shall have powers to issue directions to the department(s) concerned, as it may deem fit and proper, regarding the implementation and interpretation of these regulations.
  • A student once admitted in Evening program shall not be shifted to Morning program after the completion of admission process.
  • These regulations shall supersede all the previous regula- tions for admission.
  • In case of contradiction between provisions of general admis- sion rules with the semester rules, the latter will prevail.