Faculty of Agriculture and Environment

Faculty of Agriculture and Environment

The University College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences (UCA&ES) was established in 2005 and is the integral constituent of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur and later UCA&ES is converted to Faculty of Agriculture & Environment (FA&E). Agriculture and its related professions have bright future in Pakistan. Almost 80% of Pakistani populace earns its income from agricultural activities. Faculty of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences is striving hard, in the heart of Southern Punjab, to adorn the students with modern agricultural knowledge, who are performing important roles at international and national levels to resolve agriculture related issues; like crop costing, accurate estimation of agricultural data in accordance with the increase in population, control of food crisis, endorsing agricultural policies, sustainability and management of resources, introduction of new irrigation methods, recovery of problematic land, to estimate the impact of agriculture on environment, crop production, rearing livestock and food processing industry.

Degree Program

Undergraduate (BS / BSc Hons)

Postgraduate Degree program (MSc Hons and PhD) in various departments of FA&ES

Offered Major Subjects for Undergraduate (BSc Hons Agriculture)

Agronomy, Forestry Range and Wildlife Management, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Soil Science, Entomology, Horticulture Sciences, Plant Pathology, Food Science and Technology,

The Department of Agronomy facilitates quality teaching and research in crop production, agro­meteorology, seed science and technology, integrated weed management, crop nutrition management, inter­cropping, natural resource management, water use efficiency, environmental stress and transfer of site ­specific technology to farmers.

The Department of Entomology is training students with integrated pest management, insect molecular biology, insect behavior, apiculture, toxicology, biological control, urban insect pests control, stored grain insect pest management and economically feasible control of insect pests which is, easily adoptable for public and environmentally safe.

The Department of Food Science and Technology produces skillful graduates of food nutrition, preservation microbiology, biotechnology, quality management and food processing, who have scope in government organizations, as well as local and international food processing industries.

The Department of Forestry, Range and Wildlife Management produces graduates capable to ensure sustainable flow of wood and non-wood forest products and services, maintenance of biodiversity, pollution and conservation ecology, research on desert flora and fauna, population and habitat ecology and organism biology.

The Department of Plant Breading and Genetics deals with production and yield enhancement of crops by development of seeds resistant to diseases, water scarcity and heat stress using modern practices such as effective gene identification and molecular biology.

The Department of Horticultural Sciences offers specializations in Olericulture, Pomology, Floriculture, Landscape, Post-harvest and medicinal plants, by traditional as well as advanced techniques of tissue culture and biotechnology for commercial gardening in temperature and water stress conditions for promoting entrepreneurship.

The Department of Soil Science produces graduates versed with techniques for fulfilling crop nutritional needs from organic and inorganic fertilizers, reclamation of saline and waterlogged soils, as well as chemical analysis of soil, water and plant parts.

The Department of Plant Pathology teaches the control of crop related diseases, mushroom culture, as well as plant virology, bacteriology, mycology and nematology, identification of these organisms and their beneficial use.


Dean, Faculty of Agriculture & Environment

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, 63100-Pakistan

(Baghdad ul jaded Campus)
Contact:  0092-62-9255531