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National Research Center of Inter Cropping

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is the pioneer in developing the maize- soybean intercropping technology. With the development of the National Research Center of Intercropping at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, it will also be the initiator in developing intercropping technologies for various crops, i.e. wheat/chickpea, sugarcane/ soybean, cotton/peanut, and cotton/soybean, in Pakistan.The mission of this Center is to develop state-of-art intercropping technology infrastructure with the capability to conduct leadingedge research for increasing crop yields, value-addition and bridging the academic and industry linkage by scaling the innovations to pilot scale studies transforming into a knowledge-based economy. Additionally, one of the main advantages of this Center would be the prospect of the large-level production of legumes, which offers great potential for high proteinous products for humans, and the advantage of Nitrogen fixation that will improve the overall productivity of our soils. The vision of this Center is to enhance sustainable productivity, ensure food security, reduce poverty and promote competitiveness in the agriculture sector through output-oriented research and support, efficient development and demonstration of intercropping technologies for the prosperity of the agricultural stakeholders.


Muhammad Ali Raza

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