Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Alternative Medicine envisages the future scenario in Pharmacy, Eastern Medicine, Surgery and Homeopathic medication. A multidisciplinary approach of the field prepares our graduates to be more skilled, professionals and specialists of the fresh millennium.

There is an increasing demand for pharmacy services globally. On account of increased demand for patient services, new prescriptions each year are surfaced. Consequently the quantity-of required medicine is made available to jh lp cater patients' health related needs or :reqmrementl.

Pharmacists a e health professionals who dispense medications rescribed by physicians and other health !l)ract · · oners. They provide professional advice on t 􀀍 e selection of the cure, dosages, interacti1ns a cl side effects of medications.

The Faoulty' current facilities include modem lecture halls( computer laboratories and well­equipped te I ching and research laboratories. Postgraduat training in all isciplines of pharmaceutical sciences and eastern medicine is also available

:rhe programs offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy and􀀆ltemative Medicine are built on a foundation of , experience,- run by highly skilled practitioners, constantly updated ano include creative virtual and real world experiences to equip the learners with modem practices.

Prof. Dr. Naveed Akhtar, Dean