Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy was once Department of Pharmacy which was established at Khawaja Farid Campus in 1990. The Department admitted its first group of twenty students in 1991. These seats were then raised to 59 in 2000. The Department has taken a big advance since its birth towards becoming a well-reputed pharmaceutical training center at National level. Twenty nine batches have been graduated up till now. The Department has also started evening classes for B.Pharmacy degree in 2000 with a total number of 42 students.

The B.Pharmacy degree program comprised of four years was upgraded to five year degree program with the name of Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) in 2003. In 2020 the department of pharmacy has been upgraded with Faculty of Pharmacy. The faculty comprised of further five departments with Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy practice, Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmacognosy. The Faculty has also been upgraded with more teaching staff by increasing number to twenty six, including four Professors, nine associate professors, ten assistant professors and three lecturers. The faculty members are foreign and national qualified. Many of them are post doctorate. The Faculty of Pharmacy is approved by Pakistan Pharmacy council and Punjab Pharmacy Council from the very first day to date.

In the field of research Faculty of Pharmacy has renowned worth which not even contributed in the quality of university but also contributed in overall educational worth of Pakistan internationally. Faculty of Pharmacy produced more than seventy five Ph. D. up till now in different fields of pharmacy and still more than 114 scholars are enrolled in Ph.D. Doctorate program in field of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmacology had already been running with addition of Pharmacy Practice in 2020. All the programs and supervisors are HEC approved. Faculty has also M. Phil programs with more than 160 students in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacology and has produced more than 500 post graduates in M.Phil.

Faculty of Pharmacy had been producing competent graduated, masters and doctorates. The graduates of our faculty compete in all public and private exams and interviews. The researchers of Faculty of Pharmacy are serving in different public and private universities nationally and internationally. It is very good opportunity for the students to be graduated from such marvelous Faculty.

Prof. Dr. Naveed Akhtar, Dean