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Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies

Dean’s Message

The vision behind the founding of The Islamia University in the region of Bahawalpur was to establish a great and highly regarded institute for advanced Islamic and modern sciences and arts.

The Faculty of Islamic Learning is the custodian of that great and glorious history and traditions of the Jamia Abbasia (now The Islamia University). The Faculty of Islamic Learning is playing its constructive and effective role in the promotion and dissemination of Islamic and Arabic sciences. 
The Faculty of Islamic Learning has endeavored to provide distinguished education according to a developed and approved educational and research system that contributes to the revival of society.

The Faculty also aims to prepare an educated generation with a broad Quranic culture that enables it to defend Islam and counter suspicions and to link the faculty through the university to the local community by participating in various activities that fall within the jurisdiction of Islamic studies. This goal is translated through lectures, conferences, seminars, courses, lessons, and religious speeches on various celebrations and occasions to bridge the relationship between this intellectual society and local community groups with its various fields.

The faculty includes qualified faculty members having extended research and teaching experience. Since its establishment, the faculty strives to be a Centre of excellence in its specialized fields. It focuses on programs that meet the evolving needs of society.

The faculty offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs in the Arabic language, Quranic studies, Translation studies, Hadith, Fiqh and World Religions & Interfaith harmony.

Prof. Dr. Sheikh Shafiq-ur-Rehman

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