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Department of Translation Studies

As globalization continues to bring the cultures and languages of the world closer together, the closely related fields of translation and interpreting are becoming increasingly important today. With the growing role of digitalization, the diverse job requirements and the growing importance of international languages, the Department of Translation Studies was established in 2020.
The objective of this department is to provide students with proficiency in Arabic / English and other foreign languages to provide them with the skills necessary to compete in the growing translation business sector.
One of the main objectives of the establishment of this department is the teaching of compulsory translation of the Qur'an in the university. It raises the awareness of the importance of Arabic language and call for its usage in translating and understanding the Quran. Understanding of Holy Quran instills in the students the value of teachings of Islam in their academics and professional lives. The department provides innovative methods of translating and understanding the Quran.
The department also provides a platform for madrassa students to pursue their career in disciplines other than Arabic and Islamic studies.


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