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Faculty of Management Sciences and Commerce aspires to provide incisive learning and innovative research opportunities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. In doing so, we believe in building wide-ranging possibilities of knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer for the students, enabling them to reach their full potential. Our departments of Commerce, Accounting and Finance, and Institute of Business, Management and Administrative Sciences (IBMAS) are providing high-quality research and education opportunities. Our vision and mission are inspired by a duty to offer opportunities to our students for further education and entering businesses for economic and societal development. This is a great time, where the departments are thriving in terms of its highly qualified faculty, excellent students and research oriented studies. The Faculty of Management Sciences & Commerce is on the rise upon all indicators such as number of enrollments, research output, national/international collaborations, ranking and excellence through awards to the faculty and students.
I am sure that with dedication and hard work, many of you will be able to successfully complete the degree program for which you have enrolled. During your study at faculty, you will be provided every possible support and guidance required for the completion of your degree program. I wish you a happy stay at the campus during entire period of your study at this institution. Feel free to contact me, if you have any problems relating to your stay, studies or personal nature. 
God bless you all!

Prof. Dr. Jawad Iqbal

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