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Department of Arabic

The Department of Arabic is one of the pioneer departments of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB). Currently its several programs are running i.e. BS (4 years) Morning, MS (Evening), PhD (Evening) and Diploma (Evening). It is worth mentioning that the Department of Arabic is one of the established departments at the University. It has produced a remarkable number of PhD and MPhil Scholars. The efficient and learned faculty members have played a vital role in the up gradation of the department. Eleven (11) highly educated PhD faculty members are fully committed and devoted to guide and teach the students and supervise MPhil & Ph.D scholar's research. 
The department is endeavoring its best to serve the student community, in Pakistan and abroad. The outstanding feature of this department is to promote the language of Qura'an and Hadith and also to introduce it as a functional language which represents a complete culture of Arab world. The courses of BS Arabic are designed with an emphasis on Arabic language & literature, social and moral Values along with religious education.
Research at PhD level is a regular feature of the Department since 1986. In addition, MPhil program has also been started since 2003 to produce with trained scholars and researchers in the field of Arabic literature. Increasing number of MPhil Scholars has in encouraged the department to divide MPhil Program into two different disciplines. (I) Arabic literature (ii) Arabic linguistics  The Department also offers a three-month Arabic Language Certificate course, for common community.
Department of Arabic is also working on international linkages programs like as  Member international organization of Departments of Arabic, Lebanon, MOU with world Arab League, KSA, MOU with Al-Azher University, Egypt in progress, and visits to Qatar for participation of students in Qatar Debates, Doha, Qatar


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