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Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

The College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences was established in 2005. The purpose was to produce graduates who are capable to contribute in the development of agriculture of the Southern Punjab. Agriculture is considered as the backbone of economy but crop production is difficult under arid and semi-arid conditions due to acute shortage of rain and irrigation water. About 72% of the land area of Pakistan is considered arid and semi-arid, and about one third of the population of the country depends on deserts and other arid & semi-arid areas for their livelihood. The Cholistan Desert is approximately spread on area of 26,000 Sq. Km. Average annual rain fall is 125-250 mm, while underground water is 25 to 100 m below ground level and is brackish. Different research projects of the college focus on the development of agricultural sector in arid and semi arid land of Cholistan desert. The main cash crops of the irrigated area are Wheat, Cotton, Mango and Date.

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics established in 2012, is offering a four year degree program of BSc (Hons) Agriculture Plant Breeding & Genetics, MSc (Hons) Plant Breeding and Genetics and PhD Plant Breeding and Genetics. Department has developed three Cotton varieties IUB-222, MM-58 and IUB-13 which are Gift to the Cotton growers of Bahawalpur Division. Worthy Vice Chancellor has keen interest in research and development work being done at Agricultural Research Area of Plant Breeding and Genetics Department. Our goal is to develop strategies promoting and enhancing plant breeding education and training opportunities and experiences, fostering future workforce development for public and private global plant breeding, and securing sustained, long-term funds supporting plant breeders development through mentoring. Actions are taken to improve recruitment into plant breeding careers, and to enhance public awareness of issues heavily impacted through plant breeding including, impacts on food security, improved nutrition and managing climate change.

In future we aim to strengthen the productivity of Pakistan in field crops such as Cotton, Wheat Rice. We are looking forward to revolutionize in Agriculture by improving the genetic constitution of field crops.
Signing of Agreements Between Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics and KANZO Quality Seeds and SUNCROP group for sole marketing rights of cotton varieties IUB-222, IUB-13 and MM-58
MOU between The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics) and Evyol Group Lahore, for “Cotton Revival and Economic Prosperity of Cotton Growers”

Cotton Variety IUB-222 (Approved by Punjab Seed council)
Cotton Variety IUB-13 (Approved by Punjab Seed council)
Cotton Variety MM-58(Approved by Punjab Seed council)

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