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Institute of Agro-Industry and Environment

Finding a sustainable way of life is one of the greatest socio-economic and environmental challenge facing by humanity today. This requires a new frame of mind and new set of values. Education is critical for promoting such values and improving people’s capacities to address issues related to environment and agro-based industry on sustainable basis.  The Institute of Agro-Industry & Environment was established with the objective of imparting education on decision support science for sustainability of global system by recognizing environmental issues due to changes at local, regional and global levels and responding to such changes in economically feasible, socially acceptable and ecologically viable manners. Currently, the Institute offers BS, MS programs in Environmental Science and BS Agri-Business. The curriculum for these programs focuses on all important natural, social and economic aspects, covering contemporary problems of nature conservation, environmental quality, management and governance. These Degree Programs are designed to deal with the issues of changing climate and environmental extremes and also to provide skilled graduates that serves for the betterment and upgradation of Agro-based industry and Entrepreneur.  These programs are open to the students with diverse educational backgrounds including science, agriculture, computer and commerce.    

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