Botany department has long standing commitment to produce quality graduates and students are getting prestigious position at National and International levels. The Department of Botany is one of them that are determined to raise scholastic aspirations among prospective philosophers through innovative research projects. Moreover, they are encouraged to participate in national and international conferences so that they may conduct research for the area and of national need. If you are looking for an exciting, flexible field of study with excellent career prospects, both within science and in the wider employment market, then you look no further than the Department of Botany at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.

The BS Program in Botany has been started since 2007 in different semesters. The department is currently offering under graduate and post graduate levels in the morning as well as evening sessions to cater the human resource requirements for teaching and research in the fields of education, agriculture, environmental NGOs, pharmaceutics and other industries. Currently about 203 students are enrolled in the morning classes. Furthermore, since the initiation of MS. Program in 2012, 65 students have been passed out with distinctions and 90 students are currently enrolled discipline of Botany. With the commencement of PhD Program in 2015, the department is continuously demonstrating its potential towards future perspective in the field of Botany. At present 14 PhD scholars are enrolled and few of them are about to complete their degree. 

The department is known for quality education in Southern Punjab, with excellent academic reputation. Many of the past students are now working in the field of education, research, pharmaceuticals, business management and administration. On the completion of degree, the students will be specialized in one of the fields of Botany that include Applied Botany, Stress Physiology, Mycology & Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, Phycology & Marine Botany and Plant Taxonomy.


The department is well equipped with the research laboratories which are well recognized for M.Phil.and Ph.D. Programs. The faculty members have developed a large and productive research and teaching group in plant sciences. Members of the faculty are working in many specialized fields of plant sciences and are endeavouring to enhance knowledge of the plant world. Currently several research projects are in progress.


Specialization in different branches of plant sciences offered by the Department is helpful in getting jobs in teaching in various colleges and universities and in environmental NGOs like WWF and IUCN and in agriculture based organizations. Recently 11 students are appointed as lecturer in different colleges through Punjab Public Service Commission Exam.