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Institute of Business Management and Administrative Sciences

Institute of Business Management and Administrative Sciences

School of Business, Management and Administrative Sciences (SBM&AS) aspires to impart an astute learning environment and pioneering research opportunities at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Our high-impact state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities offered to the students help them in acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary business world along with a culture of cutting edge research and development opportunities. Similarly, our students are exposed to a vast array of possibilities to realise their abilities, potentials and career aspirations to the fullest which enable them to stand out from the crowd. In doing so, we offer a wide assortment of Departments, disciplines and degree courses catering to their varied interests. Currently, we are comprised of nine competitive and emerging Departments, namely, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Project & Operations Management, Islamic & Commercial Banking, Marketing, Finance, Management & Human Resource Management, Technology Management, and Public Administration. Our principal and indispensable goal is to impart quality education to our students by offering them with impeccable professional grooming and development as we believe that their diverse and prepared minds will definitely have a profound influence in the growing world of business. Moreover, we perfect our students by focussing on developing their learning mindsets, intellects, and soft and technical skills so that they are not only able to work well with others but also achieve their goals in their prospective work environments. Of course all of this is achieved with the help of our highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced academics, their vast research experience, and, last but not least, their utilisation of diverse and competent teaching frameworks.


To become a leading institute in the fields of Business, Management, and Administrative Sciences.


To become a leading institute in the country by providing affordable and practice oriented education to equip students with technical and social skills for the well-being of the community.

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