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Department of Administrative Sciences

The Department of Administrative Sciences (DAS) offers an applied, problem-based approach, blending new theoretical developments and practice, to manage both public & private sectors challenges domestically and overseas. The DAS aims to develop leading-edge thinkers and professionals who will have a positive impact on the different orders of government, nonprofit organizations, and communities in Pakistan, and around the world. 
DAS hosts undergraduate and post graduate programs in Administrative & Management Sciences. The BS Administrative & Management Sciences offers a strong foundation in managerial theory and practice by courses in administrative sciences and management sciences, performance management, administrative ethics, and administrative leadership. It enables students to explore and to think critically about, the fundamental changes in the administrative management process and evaluate these changes from a comparative perspective. The program also offers an integrative internship project, where students gain professional experience by defining a problem, constructing alternatives, and finishing with a workable recommendation. 
The MS in Administrative & Management Sciences program offers various essential courses related to both administrative sciences and management sciences. It emphasizes interdisciplinary concepts of social sciences - management, economics, sociology, and administrative management - with a mix of highly analytical and descriptive methodologies in order to solve various issues in the real world. Together with the coursework, the program offers advanced seminars in which students need to discuss their own administrative and management-based ideas and complete a highly qualified MS thesis under close supervision by full-time PhD faculty members.

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