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Center for Business Research and Consulting (CBRC)


The Center for Business Research and Consulting is the flagship research center of IBM&AS with the aim to facilitate research and consultancy activities of its faculty members and PhD/MS research scholars. The Center is key element of vision and mission of IBM&AS to impart high quality industry-driven business education and research.  The Center will function under quadruple helix model integrating academia-govt-industry-civil to carry out various research and consultancy activities for maximum social and policy impact.


To seek and explore knowledge through industry-driven and policy-inducing scientific research along with action oriented entrepreneurship for sustainable business and society at local, national and international level.


To become a top institute of graduate business studies, research and business incubation that would enhance the University’s status as a research and entrepreneurship university.


  1. To establish a research center with research clusters in various areas of business management and administrative sciences to formalize and structure research activities and capacity building of faculty members and PhD/MS scholars to undertake globally appreciated and locally relevant research.
  2. To establish international research labs at IBM&AS in the areas marketing, finance and management.
  3. To establish a business consultancy services office to provide consultancy services to industry and enable industry-driven and policy-inducing research projects. The office will be governed as per IUB framework for consultancy services.
  4. To establish Scholars Club with mandatory membership by MS/PhD scholars of IBM&AS for enhanced student engagement in research activities.
  5. Toestablish a research publications and repository office to arrange publication of research journal(s) and manage research repository.
  6. To conduct annual national and international research conferences/seminars/symposium/colloquiums in collaboration with national and international universities and relevant institutions.
  7. To take necessary steps for smooth conduct and enhanced quality of PhD/MS programs.



Head/Chief Research Officer

Assoc. Prof. Dr Sulaman Hafeez Siddiqui

Core Scientific Team:

  1. Dr Syed Zain UlAbideen
  2. Dr. OwaisShafique
  3. Dr. KashifAkram
  4. Dr. Maria Hassan
  5. Dr. Rizwan Arshad
  6. Dr. Usman Khizar
  7. Dr. WardaNajeeb Jamal
  8. Dr. Waseemul Hameed
  9.  Ms. Kalsoom Akhtar
  10. Ms. Arooj Fatima

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