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Undergraduate Study Center

The Undergraduate Study Center was established at IUB in 2007 to groom youth of the nation with an orientation in the rapidly progressing field of knowledge by imparting discipline-specific skills so that they may operate effectively in the society after the completion of their degree programs. The center specifically aims to improve study skills, encourages and stimulates interest in learning to prepare the students for entry at the graduate level by offering them diverse courses designed to acquaint them with a broad perspective of knowledge in specialized as well as generalized areas. The center has been established according to the plans of the Higher Education policy makers and managers in Pakistan who have realized importance and need of a knowledge-based economy for progress and prosperity of the nation. It is expected that the students trained through these programs would be the finest potential candidates for training at graduate and Postgraduate levels of education.

The Undergraduate Study Center (UGSC) offers programs in Humanities and Life Sciences. The integrated program in Humanities has helped in developing BS (Hons 4 year) programs in Applied Psychology, English and Media Studies, whereas the integrated program in Life Sciences has helped in the establishment of the department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology by launching BS (Hons 4 year) degree programs in the fields of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Each undergraduate program offers a blend of compulsory courses such as English, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer etc. along with some selective general and specialized courses from a list of offerings. 

The highly qualified teachers of different departments of the University are involved in the teaching and grooming of the students of these undergraduate programs which enable them to learn latest concepts in different disciplines and to develop a creative and analytical approach in their studies. UGSC has also been assigned the supervisory role in monitoring and evaluating the BS (4 year) programs initiated under the direction of the Higher Education Department of the Government of Punjab in various colleges of Bahawalpur division.

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