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Institute of Chemistry

Chemistry is crossing the boundaries to play a key role in this age of technology. It is assuming an interdisciplinary role in the scientific world. The faculty is aware of this transition and is providing excellent teaching to cope with the needs of the time.
The areas for study available in the department include; Organic Synthesis, Natural Product Chemistry, Regulation of Production of Bimoleculus in Biological Systems, Organometallics, Metals and Transition Metals Chemistry including Bioinorganic Compounds, Nanotechnology Biophysical Chemistry, X-rays Crystallographic study, Environmental and Pollution studies, Surface Chemistry and Renewable and Alternate energy resources in addition to the classical fields of Chemistry.
The Department of Chemistry has adequate research facilities including laboratories fairly equipped with appropriate number of instruments and equipment including FTIR spectrophotometer, NIR spectrophotometer, UV Visible spectrophotometers, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis apparatuses, Potentio Galvanostat, HPLC, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and CHN analyzer. HEC has recently approved a mega research project for the establishment of X-rays Crystallography laboratory equipped with Single Crystal X-rays-, Powder X-rays- diffractometer and computing cluster.
The graduates of the department are serving not only in the country but also outside the country and reinforcing the name and fame of the Chemistry Department as well as The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.





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