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Department of Zoology

The department of Zoology was established in year 2007. The department of Zoology offers BS, MS, MPhil & PhD degrees for students interested in the scientific study of animals. The faculty members are specialized in various fields, such as Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Ecology Entomology, Genetics, Comparative Physiology, Endocrinology, Fisheries, Taxonomy, Evolution, Wildlife, Parasitology, Animal Behavior and many other related subjects. 
It is committed to prepare a generation of highly-qualified graduates who are capable to actively participate in the development of society through the study of biological organisms and how to maximize the benefits of such organisms for the good of our society. Therefore, the department focuses on teaching a myriad of courses relevant to Zoology, the department periodically reviews the courses and introduces new courses. 
Bahawalpur region especially Cholistan is extremely rich in wildlife resources and several threats are operating to deplete these resources without any sustainable development. Accordingly, some wild animals have become threatened which if not conserve would soon become extinct. So, students are prepared to explore these precious resources and to manage these resources for the sustainable utilization to uplift the socioeconomic conditions of the local communities. The students completing their studies from this department have broad awareness of the animal diversity, strategies to increase meat (fish and livestock), milk and wool production. Recent parasitic and pest control programs are also included. Postdoctoral fellowship program, with a mission 'to establish partnerships between those who support research in the animal sciences and academic institutions for their mutual benefits.


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