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Department of Special Education

In the modern era, the special persons are categorized in a number of groups with variety of titles. Education process of the special children and adults needs special conditions and require special training. Ideal education of children with special needs can make special persons a useful member of the society by making him able to work for fulfillment of his own needs and facilitate his/ her family playing role of an independent citizen.
The department of special education aims to produce educators to facilitate the conducive, supportive and effective learning environment to children with special needs and guide their care givers. Aim of the department in the Islamia University of Bahawalpur is to improve educational opportunities and services for the individuals and their families of; Students at risk of school failure, Persons with Special Needs/Exceptionalities and students facing significant life challenges. Mission of the department is to train prospective teachers for special needs children and adults institutions in a way that addresses the students' individual variances and requirements and make them productive citizens of the society. Target of the courses offered in the department is to address the needs of different categories of children with different disabilities.


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