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Department of Microbiology

Microbes are driving many aspects of life on the planet. The solution to many of the pressing challenges at global level, such as antimicrobial resistance, emergence of new infectious and zoonotic diseases and the health of our planet's ecosystem rely on broadening the horizon of discoveries coming from basic microbiology research and exploration. Faculty members at Department of Microbiology are actively involved in the research activities and publishing papers in conferences and journals of national and international repute. 

Currently, Department of Microbiology is offering 04-year degree program i.e. BS Applied Microbiology and 02-year MPhil Degree program. Department is also offering five courses to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine which are being offered under the umbrella of Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. The academic program covers all major areas of Microbiology and most of the courses are designed in such a way, that students are required to exhibit high-class research skills and motivation. The faculty members are highly productive and impactful consisting of 01 Professor and 05 Assistant Professors having vast teaching and R&D experience. 


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