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Department of Medical Physics

Medical physics is one of the most vibrant, attractive, ever-evolving, and diversified field in recent years. It can be broadly outlined as an area in which techniques of applied physics are utilized in the study of medicine and biology in order to improve healthcare. This field of study initially emerged with the contribution of physicists in the use of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiations for therapeutic as well as diagnostic applications. However, it has now broadened to encircle wide spectrum of medical and surgical methods. With the advancements in this multi-disciplinary field, it has not only become challenging but at the same time chances of specialization have increased many-fold.

Medical Physics (MP) Discipline is one of the eleven basic physics disciplines in IOP-IUB. Primary areas of interest include, but not limited to, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, Radiation Therapy, Dosimetry, Radiation Protection as well as other specializations such as Nano-Bio-Physics, Lasers, and Optics. MP emphasize on physics and technology to improve healthcare quality by introducing novel revolutionary techniques such as 3D-CRT, IMRT, VMAT, IGRT etc. using advance treatment units such as linac, gamma camera, and scanning techniques like MRI, CT, and PET scan. The undergraduate and post graduate programs of our department provides academic foundation for those planning to pursue career in clinical medical physics, teaching or research. The key aspect is to engage students with professional goals and assist them to become research scientists specially suited for the 21st century work place. Continued research is being conducted in our discipline by dedicated researchers and highly qualified faculty, having broad range of research interests and expertise, making it prominent discipline among others. Our research group conducts regular scientific meetings, educational programs, and research seminars. Exciting and acclaimed research is being carried out in such diversified areas as Image Processing, Radiotherapy Treatment Optimization, Spectroscopic MRI, Monte Carlo Simulation, Modeling, and Quality Assurance solutions. Our research program also involves fabrication and applications of radiosensitive gel dosimeters for use in dosimetry. Much of the research is carried out in collaboration with local cancer hospitals, thus providing access to clinical facilities. Our faculty also have close collaborative links with several international research groups, widening the scope of research opportunities. Our vibrant academics are expert in their respective fields having excellent track record of publications in leading journals.

With the current technological developments, there will hardly be any dimension of medicine in which physicists are not partially involved. By pursuing academic or research program in MP Discipline, you will be joining a dynamic faculty committed to inspire next generation of physicists.

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