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Department of International Relations

The Department of International Relations at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur enjoys a respectable niche among the departments of International Relations of national universities. The department aims at participating actively in South Asia research networks and welcomes academicians and students from all parts of the region. With persistent efforts, it aspires to be global host to both international researchers and students. 
The department has an accomplished and diverse faculty. It tries its best to help students follow their own interests while giving them an excellent grounding in the discipline and an advanced understanding of the tools available to them as they pursue their own aspirations. During their course of education at the department, students are offered numerous opportunities of enhancing their analytical skills.
The department not only prepares its students for academic careers in the field, but it also celebrates the growing number of its graduates working in government departments, diplomatic services and at senior positions in the private sector. The department maintains contact with all its graduates so that the avenues of mutual learning can be explored and ensured. 


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