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Department of Information Security

The Department of Information Security offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the highly demanding knowledge areas of Information/Cyber Security (IS) and Internet of Things (IoT), both of which require specialized skills:

  • BS Information Security
  • BS Internet of Things
  • MS Information Security
  • PhD (Specialization in Information Security)
  • PhD (Specialization in Internet of Things)

The IS programs focus on providing the technical knowledge essential for analyzing security, ethical and privacy issues, devising appropriate techniques for minimizing risks and responding to security breaches. The IoT programs focus on providing the technical knowledge essential for realizing a ‘smart environment’ that is one of the few game changers in contemporary and future computing. The students are motivated with exciting security and IoT scenarios of surveillance, ethical hacking, digital forensics, smart life, smart cities, smart home, smart transport, smart health, agriculture, industry, sustainable environment and many others. To speed up the learning process of our students and for their enhanced acceptability into national and international job markets, webinars and fast-track workshops/trainings by experts from world leading companies are frequently arranged.

As the world is moving optimistically towards the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR), the job market demand for highly skilled Information/Cyber Security & IoT professionals is increasing unprecedently. Our graduates are expected to play active roles by developing and supporting billions of devices and applications in 5IR. The department offers all emerging specializations including, but not limited to the following:

Information Security: Cryptography, Information Security Management, Information Security Architecture, Information Security Engineering, Digital Forensic, Information System Audit, Healthcare Information Security, Digital Forensic, Blockchain, Software Defined Networking

Internet of Things: IoT Management, IoTEngineering, IoT Security, Smart Health, Smart Home Automation, Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Life


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