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Department of Geography

Geography is an established scientific discipline embracing physical, human and applied geography. Geography's enduring strength relates to its nature as an interdisciplinary discipline. Geography may be defined as: how place and space shapes physical and social processes, and their interactions, as they work themselves out in differentiating and integrating the earth's surface. Geography as a discipline has no monopoly on this perspective but concerns for how and why places around the globe are different and how and why places are integrated (across space) around the globe are at the heart of modern geographical thinking. The mission of Department of Geography at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur is to achieve high standards of research for flourishing and expanding academic community. The department intends to provide students with the intellectual and technical skills to synthesize information which will enable them to become critical thinker, better and more informed citizens, and find success in employment.  Besides, the department urges to provide its students with educational experiences of high quality to conduct valued research. The department is providing outstanding teaching and scholarly activities within the framework of academic freedom and diversity of ideas. 
Currently, the Department offers BS, MSc, and MPhil programs in Geography. The department has also planned to offer PhD and advance diploma course in “Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing (GIS & RS)” in near future. Department also aims to develop an “Institute of Geography” under which BS (Hons) in “GIS & Remote Sensing”, and BS in “Urban & Metropolitan Management” will be offered.
Specialization in different branches of plant sciences offered by the Department is helpful in getting jobs in teaching in various colleges and universities and in environmental NGOs like WWF and IUCN and in agriculture-based organizations. Most of the graduated students are now serving in teaching, research and administrative posts in public and private sector as well.





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