Faculty of Arts and Languages

Department of English Literature

Department of English Literature

The Department of English is committed to quality education with an objective to make its graduates cultured, moderate, enlightened and responsible individuals. The curriculum of different programs is, therefore, designed to serve two purposes: to produce good academicians and scholars in the discipline with an up-to-date knowledge and practicing skills of the traditions and the latest trends in the discipline. 

Moreover, the application of the same to their practical life, promising sanity and success. In specific, the learners shall also be able to:

? Enhance the creative potential

? Promote research culture at higher level 

? Develop the analytical skills

? Develop the professional skills effectively in the field of education

? Enhance the communicative abilities

? Analyze individual texts and explore comparisons between them 

? Trace and recognize the cross-cultural affects

The Department has a highly qualified, experienced, and dynamic faculty of varied interests and areas of specialization. 

This has enabled the Department to run four programs at postgraduate level. The Department is also equipped with a modern computer laboratory to facilitate and encourage research activities.