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Department of Educational Leadership and Management

The Department of Educational Planning and Management, is offering BS, MPhil and PhD Programs in the field of Educational Planning and Management (EPM) and Educational Leadership and Management (ELM). The major aim of these programs is to develop the students' intellectual capacity, executive personality, and managerial skills in a way that enables them to assume from entry-level managerial positions to skilled and trained managerial and administrative positions; from policy maker institutions to policy imparted institutions, from curriculum development wing to curriculum imparted wings in all public and private sector educational organizations. Graduates of the program may also choose to start their own entrepreneurial ventures or may play a leading role in the different public or private educational institutions. Moreover, program satisfies the higher studies persuasion demands of the graduates in the field of educational leadership and management.
Educational leadership and management is generally understood to be the identification, development, and implementation of strategies designed to attain, efficiently and effectively, the educational needs and goals of students and society. The offered programs by the Department of Educational Planning and Management (EPM) are aimed at producing a cadre of professionals for educational institutions and organizations of the country for all levels of planning and management jobs. In future, the department intends to offer MPhil & PhD in Educational Leadership and Management.

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