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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics, the first department within Faculty of Arts, was established in 1980. The Department is offering diversified programs: BS Economics, MPhil and PhD in Economics. The main objective is to equip the students with a comprehensive knowledge of important theoretical and applied concepts in the field of economics. All academic courses have been designed to meet the requirements of national and international standard. The Department strive to achieve academic excellence by broadening and deepening access to education in economics.
The highly qualified and trained faculty toil to maintain emphasis on quality teaching in economic theory and quantitative methods of economic analysis & research in line with global standards to enable the scholars to cope with global, regional and local economic issues. The Department has a modern computer laboratory which is equipped with latest data analysis softwares and multimedia facilities as well as connected with central library of IUB and world-renowned digital libraries to give a free access of downloading latest research articles and books. The graduates of Department are serving on key positions in various public and private sector organizations of national and international level.


Program Objectives:

  1. To ensure that our students have the integrative and critical thinking skills as well as quantitative and qualitative abilities to analyze complex socio-economic problems.
  2. To create a collaborative teaching, learning and research environment that emphasizes social responsibility, ethical decision-making from a global perspective.
  3. To prepare our students for successful careers as applied economists.
  4. To encourage the use of experiential learning, including cooperative education, as a means to introduce students to the world of work, reinforce classroom teaching and assist them in the development and advancement of career goals.

Career Prospects: 

  1. Lecturer by PPSC
  2. Lecturer by FPSC
  3. Subject Specialist
  4. Economic Consultant in Public and private sector
  5. Human Resource Manager
  6. Market Analyst and Advisor 
  7. Banker
  8. Stock Market Trader
  9. Economic Journalists
  10. Executives in Insurance Companies
  11. NGOs
  12. Online trading 
  13. A successful Entrepreneur 

Program Objectives:

  1. To equip the student with thorough knowledge and technical competency in finance to meet the increasing demand for finance graduates in the market and make them able to use financial tools in business decision-making and apply quantitative and qualitative financial knowledge in the conduct of their career.
  2. To enable students to implement corporate social responsibility that is related to different institutions and financial services and analyze the legal environment, ethics and economics related to the financial profession.
  3. Apply relevant soft skills and technical skills to work independently and collaborate in processing and communicating financial issues and demonstrate financial and entrepreneurial abilities in managing a business. 

Career Prospects:

  1. Lecturer by PPSC
  2. Lecturer by FPSC
  3. Subject Specialist
  4. Financial Analyst/Planner/Executive 
  5. Investment banker
  6. Executives in Risk Assessment companies
  7. Portfolio Managers
  8. Chief Financial Officers
  9. Credit Officers
  10. Share Trading Officer
  11. Online trading 
  12. A successful Entrepreneur 





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