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Department of Early Childhood Education

The Department of Early Childhood Education was established in September 2020 to extend the horizon of learning and to provide a compatible contemporary Education to the people of this region.  Education as an Investment is the core concept given by Adam Smith and if start during early days of an individual which can be useful for the nation and humanity. The first basic goal behind this subject/course is to save the future of the nation and second aim is to provide a healthy mind citizen to humanity. Keeping in view the importance and vitality of this program all over the globe, an initiative was taken to provide modern mode of Education to the people of southern Punjab. It was claimed by the experts and researchers that the habits and action acquired by a child between the ages of 3 to 10 years will continue to grow all along his/her life. First it was considered that the education of an individual start from the age of seven year and now it is assumed that the education starts from the early months of mother's pregnancy. That is why; it is termed as early child hood education. Having knowledge of this subject, an educator will be able to classify and determine the future professional field for a learner. Better the nursery, stronger will be the plantation. ECE is experiencing an increasing focus and transformation worldwide due to its importance on the days to come. This mode of education can also help to reduce the ration of drop out and out of school children. So, those courses are introduced in BS program of ECE which will nourish the inherent skills of children for overall development of knowledge seeker through quality education at early stage of his/her life and enable teachers to present ideas or policies which will be the milestone for child educational development in future. Currently Department will offer BS Program in Early Childhood Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori. The Degree will have an equal worth in public and private sector compared to other master degree and is acceptable for lecturer and other administrative posts in the field of Education.


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