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Department of Bio-Technology

The Department of Biotechnology provides an interlinked, multidisciplinary research and teaching environment that offers new avenues to be explored for the betterment of human being. Biotechnology is the genetic manipulation of microorganisms or the components derived from these organisms to benefit human being. Modern Biotechnology has seen a revolution in terms of gene modification, gene editing, gene silencing and recombinant DNA technology. Its practical applications include brewing of food, synthesizing medicinal products like antibiotics, interferon and vaccines, developing genetically modified organisms to improve the quality and yield of nutrients, health preservation, environmental applications, agricultural development, maintenance of biodiversity, exploitation of marine resources and treatment of pollutants. The students specializing in Biotechnology learn how to solve complex problems of our daily life using multidisciplinary approaches. After getting the degree in Biotechnology a scholar is expected to have sufficient knowledge and skills to cooperate with experts in various disciplines.
The research interests of the Department of Biotechnology are diverse and include drug discovery and development, synthesis, characterization and bioactivities of nanoparticles, isolation and characterization of industrially important microbes from Cholistan Desert plant rhizospheres, cancer genetics and molecular characterization of hereditary disorders. The faculty at the department believes that simple classroom courses cannot give full understanding of the real-life problems. It is imperative that the students should have a practical experience to realize the advances in the world of life. The department therefore intends to produce graduates who have a comprehensive knowledge and research experience of the diversity of life and variations in the biological processes at the molecular level. The laboratories at the department are equipped with all basic analytical facilities required to accomplish various biotechnological tasks. The university has plans to develop more labs in the department to enhance practical and research facilities. 
The department is offering BS, MS and PhD programs in diverse fields of Biotechnology. The curriculum has been designed according to the guidelines of HEC. Teaching and training is being imparted through semester system and it comprises a combination of Foundation, Allied, Major and Optional (Elective) courses plus Research Projects and Internships. The graduates have job opportunities in educational institutes, food and pharmaceutical industries and research organizations.


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