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Department of Bio-Informatics

In the era of Genomics, the application of biological knowledge and methods harvested from the biosciences are of increasing economic relevance. Life scientists are gradually being dominated by enormous volumes of data. By 2025, approximately genome of 1 billion peoples will be sequenced. Similarly, Millions of protein metabolites and their interactions are determined every day. But to make sense of these huge volumes of complex data, interdisciplinary scientists are required to combine knowledge from biology, computer science and statistics. The field is known as Bioinformatics.  Bioinformatics involves development of methods and software tools for the understanding of large and complex biological data. Studying large biological data can lead to ground breaking discoveries by analyzing millions of DNA sequence fragments by using computers and software. 
Department of Bioinformatics provides professional education and training at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, with modern bioinformatics infrastructure, including resources, expertise, innovative research and knowledge. The programs train students in a healthy collaborative environment to develop Computational methods for innovative interdisciplinary research in the field of life sciences. The Department is committed to train the next generation professionals to gain advanced knowledge in Bioinformatics that is required to design and implement novel methods to solve problems with an emphasis on acquisition, representation, retrieval, visualization, and analysis of biological data. The curriculum involves individual courses that Integrate Mathematical Modeling, Wet labs, and Computer Sciences. Research areas in bioinformatics are numerous and include Biological Information Management (Databases), Gene mining, Drug designing and Targeting, protein/nucleic acid structure and function, and Cell signaling and Regulatory networks.





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