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Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, selected Quality Enhancement Cell, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur for grant of Rs. 3.72 million, under World Bank assisted Higher Education Development in Pakistan (HEDP) project. MOU signed between HEC and IUB to Establish Quality Enhancement Cell for Affiliated Colleges (QECACs) unit within QEC, IUB. The purpose is to help Affiliated Colleges (ACs) to enhance their quality of education and extending QECs reach to affiliated colleges.

Worthy Vice Chancellor, Engr. Prof. Dr. Athar Mahboob appreciated HEC initiatives to ensure quality of education in affiliated Colleges.  As per agreement clauses of MOU, HEC will provide the first tranche of 25% funds out of 3.72 million on Notification of the establishment of the QECACs and provision of office Space for newly established unit and subsequent release of funds will be tied to achievement of each deliverable.

To promote Quality Education in affiliated colleges of IUB through self-assessment QEC focal persons were nominated, accordingly, QEC focal person's submitted College Portfolio Reports (CPRs 2020-21) of respective colleges for Institutional Evaluation.

To evaluate the performance of the affiliated college's, Worthy Vice Chancellor constituted a panel for the purpose of evaluation of CPRs. Visits of Affiliated Colleges in progress.



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