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International Students Admission

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Programs

Admission Fee (One Time):                      $1000

Semester Fee:

  • (Programs without Practical Labs)       $2,000
  • (Programs with Practical Labs)            $2,500

Hostel with Standard Menu:                    $500
Hostel with Special Menu:                       $1,000

Graduate Programs

Admission Fee (One Time):                   $1000

Semester Fee:

  • (Programs without Practical Labs)      $3,000
  • (Programs with Practical Labs)           $3,500

Hostel with Standard Menu:                   $500
Hostel with Special Menu:                      $1,000

Payment Procedure

As an International student, we may ask you to pay a deposit. We'll need this deposit before we send you the Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (“CAS letter”) that you will need to get a visa to study in Pakistan. We 'II apply your deposit to any tuition fees that you owe for your course. To avoid delays in arranging your travel, accommodation and enrolment, we recommend that you pay your deposit at least three months before start of your studies at IUB.

University Account Information

An online payment to Habib Bank limited, Branch Code 1473, in the name of Treasurer IUB, in Account No CD-01, 14730000010403 will be accepted.
Email: ilo@iub.edu.pk
Phone number.062-9255875

Admission Process


  1. Create an IUB E-portal Account.
  2. Apply according to admission openings twice a year.

Admission and documents:

  1. Provide your education records and reference letter.
  2. Visit IUB academic calendar to follow the class schedule.

Interview and offer letter:

  1. Prepare an essay that how you perceive the World.
  2. An online interview will be conducted.
  3. Issuance of admission offer letter for Visa processing.


  1. Pay your admission fee and hostel dues.

Arrival at IUB:

  1. Information us of your travel plans.
  2. Fall Semester reporting time is first week of September, spring reporting time is last week of February.  


Visit iub.edu.pk to follow the Academic Calendar and international holidays.


Visa Process

Prospective students who wish to pursue higher education in Pakistan can apply for 2-years Student Visa. 

Application Type

You can apply for online visa:

First Time (New): You can apply for a new visa if you do not possess a valid Pakistani visa. 

Extension: You can apply for a new visa extension if you posses a valid Pakistan visa and you are residing in Pakistan. 


Citizens of countries listed here

(https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/electronic-travel-authorization-etaare eligible to apply for this visa.

Required Documents




3-Admission/Bonafide letter

4-NOC from HEC/Economic Affairs Division/IPC/Health Ministry/Education


6-For Entry visa: NOC from the concerned Government

7-For Extension: NOC from concerned embassy in Pakistan of students country 


Note: You are required to upload proof of legal residence, In case you are not present in your home country and applying for visa from a third country, it is a mandatory requirement! The document can be uploaded in the supporting documents.

In Case of Extension-Please upload proof of Valid Pakistani Visa for which you are seeking Extension and Entry Stamp on your Passport in the supporting documents.


Hostel Facilities

  • IUB has international standard male and female hostels, with two students sharing a room. 
  • International students can buy quality food from the local shops or otherwise, register to join the mess to enjoy local food within their hostels. 
  • They can celebrate their festivals and special days after they have duly informed their hostel authorities. 
  • The students can practice their religious rituals and beliefs as they choose. A separate meditation room is available, in addition to a mosque and church within the local University community.


  • Boys Hostels 
  • Girls Hostels 

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