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B.Ed 4 Years (M)


Course Description

Course Outline

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-00101Functional English-I3
EDTE-00102Islamic Studies/Ethics2
EDTE-01103Child Development3
EDTE-00104Urdu / Regional Languages3
EDTE-00105General Science3
EDTE-01106General Methods of Teaching3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-00201EDTE-00201English-II (Communication Skills)3
EDTE-00202Computer Literacy3
EDTE-01203EDTE-01203Classroom Management3
EDTE-00204General Mathematics3
EDTE-00205Pakistan Studies2
EDTE-04206Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-04301Teaching Literacy Skills3
EDTE-00302Art, Crafts and Calligraphy3
EDTE-04303Teaching of Urdu/Regional Languages3
EDTE-04304Teaching of General Science3
EDTE-04305ICT in Education2
EDTE-04306Teaching Practice (Short Term)/ Developmental Pra3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-01401Classroom Assessment3
EDTE-04402Teaching English3
EDTE-04403Teaching Mathematics3
EDTE-02404School, Community and Teacher2
EDTE-04405Teaching Social Studies2
EDTE-04406Teaching Practice / The Teaching Practicum3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-04406Teaching Practice / The Teaching Practicum3
EDTE-11502Foundations of Education3
EDTE-13504General Science3
EDTE-13505Urdu (Content)3
EDTE-13506Pakistan Studies3
EDTE-13507Islamic Studies (Content Course-I)3
EDTE-11512Curriculum Development3
EDTE-11513Educational Psychology3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-14601Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education3
EDTE-13602Content Course – II (English – I)2
EDTE-13603Content Course – II (Islamiate – II)3
EDTE-14605Introduction to Guidance and Counseling3
EDTE-14604Comparative Education3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-13701Content Course – III (from selected discipline – I)3
EDTE-13702Content Course – III (from selected discipline – II)3
EDTE-13704Teaching of General Science3
EDTE-13705Teaching of Urdu3
EDTE-13706Teaching of Pakistan Studies3
EDTE-13707Teaching of Islamic Studies3
EDTE-13708Teaching of Biology3
EDTE-13709Teaching of Chemistry3
EDTE-13710Teaching of Mathematics3
EDTE-13711Teaching of Physics3
EDTE-14712Research Methods in Education3
EDTE-14713Teaching Practice (Short Term)3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EDTE-14801School Management3
EDTE-14802Test Development and Evaluation3
EDTE-14803Teaching Practice (Long Term)6
EDTE-14804Research Project3

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