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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Stat-01501Probability & Probability Distributions-I3
Stat-01502Practical Application of Probability & Probability Distribut0
Stat-01503Sampling Techniques-I3
Stat-01504Practical Application of Sampling Techniques-I0
Stat-01505Designs & Analysis of Experiments-I3
Stat-01506Practical Application of Designs & Analysis of Experiments-I0
Stat-01507Statistical Methods–I3
Stat-01508Practical Application of SM-I0
Stat-01509Computer Programming – II (VB)2
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Stat-01601Probability & Probability Distributions-II3
Stat-01602Practical Application of Probability & Probability Distribut0
Stat-01603Sampling Techniques-II3
Stat-01604Practical Application of Sampling Techniques -II0
Stat-01605Designs & Analysis of Experiments-II3
Stat-01606Practical Application of Designs & Analysis of Experiments -0
Stat-01607Statistical Methods–II3
Stat-01608Practical Application of SM-II0
Stat-01609Statistical Packages2
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Stat-01701Statistical Inference-I3
Stat-01702Practical Application of Statistical Inference -I0
Stat-01703Regression Analysis3
Stat-01704Practical Application of Regression Analysis0
Stat-01705Statistical Quality Control3
Stat-01708Operations Research – I3
Stat-01712Survival Analysis3

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