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MSc Electrical Engineering (Communication and Signal Processing)


Course Description

Course Outline

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ELEN-32101Advanced Stochastic Processes3
ELEN-33111Research Methodology3
ELEN-33112Advanced Topics in Antennas3
ELEN-33113Optimization Techniques3
ELEN-33114Modeling and Simulation of Engineering Systems3
ELEN-33115Advanced Computer Networks3
ELEN-33116Advanced Topics in Microwave Engineering3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ELEN-32202Advanced Digital Signal Processing3
ELEN-33217Advanced Digital Communication3
ELEN-33218Optoelectronics and Optical Communication Systems3
ELEN-33219Detection and Estimation Theory3
ELEN-33220Advanced Topics in Image Processing3
ELEN-33221Advanced Topics in AI and Neural Computing3
ELEN-33222Advanced Telecommunication Networks3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ELEN-33323Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition3
ELEN-33324Adaptive Signal Filtering and Applications3
ELEN-33325Mobile Wireless Networking3
ELEN-33326Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks3
ELEN-33327Biomedical Image Computing3
ELEN-33328Adaptive Signal Processing3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ELEN-33429Artificial Intelligence based Expert Systems3
ELEN-33430Advanced Network Security3
ELEN-33431Multimedia Services Over IP Networks3
ELEN-33432Sparse Signal Processing3
ELEN-33433Radar Image Processing3
ELEN-33434Advanced Topics in Machine Learning3

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