Faculty of Arts and Languages

Khawaja Farid Chair

Khawaja Farid Chair

Khawaja Ghulam Farid is the greatest Sufi Poet of Saraiki Langauge. In Order to pay him tribute Khawaja Farid Chair was established in 1996. There is a dire need to understand and promote, through research and higher education, philosophy as well as the message of peace and harmony, integrity and human friendship, given by Khawja Ghulam Farid.


Publish & promote the mystic poetry and philosophy of Khawaja Farid.

Collection and preservation of published and unpublished verses, books and manuscripts relating to Khawaja Farid.

The research on the places, personalities and antiques related to Khawaja Farid.

Extensive Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums, Literary meetings and discussions on Khawaja Farid.

Launching short and long term research projects.

Extension in Khawaja Farid Chair Library.

Collection of audio/video material related with Khawaja Farid.

Establishment of Khawaja Farid Art Gallery and Museum.

Promotion and preservation of the regional culture, heritage, historical monuments, the mystic ethics, and the research on native art and culture.

Supervision and assistance of the research scholars for MPhil and PhD program.

Establish the linkage Programme with Latif Chair, Sachal Chair and Such other Chairs in the national and international universities.

To create an intercultural dialogue through seminars/Lectures, Sufi Music and other mediums.