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Health environment of an institution is key contributor towards growth and embellishment; that is commonly called stress-free environment. Stress of any soft can be managed through psychological services. Psychological services provide aid and guide to students and employs from hazards, even psychological and social. To adders and overcome these issue, department of Applied Psychological desires to establish a center, named as Enabling center. The main goal of this center is to help university community to overcome their psychological and social issues that in turn assist in personality change and symptom relief, help reduce symptomatic episodes for future, improve adaptive functioning in various areas improving quality of life, ability to make health life choices and bring about an adequate behavioral change. This center will achieve this goal in two phases. In first phase, it will start career path counseling /occupational consoling for students and psychotherapeutic assistance to students and employees of the IUB.in second phase, it will facilitate student ad employees with interpersonal consoling and psychiatric consultation. This service will enable university community to overcome their physiological as well as interpersonal issues. Hopefully, these services capacitance our university community to imp adaptive functioning, quality of life ability to make health life choices and bring about positive change.

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