International Liaison Office

International Liaison Office

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur strives to develop Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) or Linkage Agreements with international universities and organizations to facilitate relationships for continuing international-development activities. The purpose of such agreements is to provide the mechanism for other collaborative activities.

International Linkages Office is a unit under the Office of the Vice Chancellor. It is mandated to identify and explore areas of cooperation and linkages with foreign institutions. It promotes academic collaboration with foreign universities in the form of student and faculty exchange, joint research, exchange of publication, sponsorship of conference, and other academic activities. The office is engaged in the initiation, planning, implementation and monitoring of linkage activities.

Coordinator, ILO


Abid Shahzad

Assistant Professor / Coordinator - International Liaison Office (ILO)

Faculty Representative, ILO


Safdar Hussain

Lecturer / Faculty of Arts Representative at ILO
Dr. Kashif Hussain

Dr. Kashif Hussain Memon

Assistant Professor / Faculty of Engineering's Representative at ILO
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Dr. Muhammad Imran

Dr. Muhammad Imran Rasheed

Assistant Professor / Faculty of Management Sciences Representativeat ILO
Post Doctorate (Organizational Behavior), Ph.D. (OB & HRM), MS (HRM), BBA (Hons).
Dr. Imran

Dr. Imran Ali

Assistant Professor / Faculty of Islamic Learning's Representative at ILO
Ph.D/Post Doctorate (World History)
Dr. Muhammad Aurangzaib

Dr. Muhammad Aurangzaib Aurangzaib

Assistant Professor / Faculty of Agriculture's Representative at ILO
Dr Qazi Adnan

Dr Qazi Adnan Jamil

Lecturer / Faculty of Pharmacy's Representative at ILO

Muhammad Jafar

Lecturer / Faculty of Education's Representative at ILO
M.A Social Work