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Department of Islamic and Sharia Law

The Department of Islamic & Shariah Law is recently established at the Faculty of Law, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur to contribute and brighten the constitutional mandate of supremacy of law as laid down in Quran and Sunnah. This Department apart from its regular studies is practically designed to develop practical and meaningful understanding of legal propositions under deliberations between Constitutional institutions like Council of Islamic Ideology and state Superior Courts. The aim is to promote coherence focusing on the study of Classical Islamic Laws and its virtuous outcomes. The scheme of studies is supposed to attract the conformist population of the area hitherto not accepting to part with some of the institutions unable to provide contemporary and modern resources of academics and research. This is an essential prerequisite for developing capability to compete fellow student's population for frolicking role in state and self-subsistence promotion. This department shall obtain a vision to bring harmonization between the contemporary law and Shariah. It will serve as a guide to those who wish to pursue the legal studies in Islamic context. It aims to produce law graduates and Scholars who are well versed in numerous branches of Shariah to provide intellectual approach and guidelines in the process of Islamization of laws in socio-economic and lego-political context of the Country. The graduates of this department will be able to become part of the legal system including Bar, Bench and legislature around the world, particularly in Pakistan. They will be able to provide a strong Shariah based legal system in the country. They will be able to suggest suitable solutions to the problems arising out of implementation of Positive Laws through guided research. They will fulfil the demands of the society to have Shariah experts to run the legal and judicial system of Pakistan.


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