Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science & Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) is revolutionizing the world and is essential for the growth and development of a country. It is affecting the way we work, the way we transact, the way we meet and the way we live. No body can escape from the revolution of IT. The world is a global village; it is only due to the rapid growth of Computers and Information Technology. In todays information age, the knowledge of computer is the must. We use computers in our lives; anybody who wants to succeed in todays world cannot afford to ignore the computer and communication technologies which can be further utilized to improve the quality of education and research. Our society has become so dependent on computers that we cannot survive without them. Also they are great tools for improving the human productivity. The department is playing an important role to fulfill the demand of skilled IT professionals. The graduates are already serving in various esteemed institutions across the country and abroad and many of them are pursuing their higher studies in various well-regarded universities of the world.

Although the computer as a discipline is young but it has accomplished a spectacular progress within short time. It is a common saying that Knowledge is power; but we say that the Knowledge of Computer and IT is powerful. It is embarrassing all fields of knowledge and every discipline is leaned on computer, even the doctors, the engineers, the historians and the politicians all are compelled to learn the computer.

The Department of Computer Science & IT copes with the modern needs of Information Technology and its main objective is to produce quality computer professionals and software engineers to meet the emerging demands of IT for national and international markets. We have well-designed curriculum as per requirements of HEC, Pakistan and IEEE with a combination of foundation, major and minor (optional) courses; supported by the Software Projects and Internship Program. The examination of the department is based on the semester system. In order to provide the experimental facilities to the students, the department has well-equipped i.e. multi-media, WiFi etc. computer laboratories. An IT Center was established with the collaboration of the Punjab IT Board (PITB) and the center is still providing computing facilities not only to the University personnel but also to Government Employees of the whole region. In order to produce the world class Networking Experts, a CISCO Academy is also functioning in the department. The class rooms of the department also have all the modern facilities. Currently, department is offering MS in Computer Science MS(CS), MCS, BS(CS) and BS(IT) and soon MS in Information Technology MS(IT), BS(SE) and PhD in Computer Science & IT will be launched.

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