Campus Accommodation

Campus Accommodation

The hostels provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation. Most of the facilities in hostels unlike in hotels are on sharing basis which helps keep the cost low. This also creates a warm and friendly camaraderie amongst students. It must be truly experienced to have your own definition. 

The University has the distinction of housing substantial number of students in its hostels. The IUB hostels are unique form of lodging with exclusively designed buildings offering attractive curb appeal surrounded by lush green lawns and superb ambiance equipped with all basic amenities. Dedicated and focused full time staff ensures round the clock facilitation for the residents.

The capacity building and provision of essential facilities in recent past, is evident of the efforts being under taken by university administration. The old hostel buildings have been renovated and equipped with better living facilities. Female students residing in girls hostels need more disciplined environment. Adherence of check in time, visitor control, and attendance are the tools to ensure safety and security of female students. Visitors seeking entrance in the hostels are required to report to the staff present at the entry point of each hostel and get his/her particulars endorsed in the registers kept for purpose.

The accommodation capacity of student hostels is about 5000 and that of faculty hostels is around 200. All the hostel buildings are equipped with the state of the art facilities.

  The Hostel Administration   

Dr. Syed Safdar Hussain Bukhari 

Chairman Hall Council

Assistant Professor, Department of Siraiki, IUB


Phone: 062-9255223


Mr. Salman Mahmood Qureshi

Deputy Registrar (Hostels)


Phone: 062-9255579


Mrs. Abida Firdous

Assistant Registrar (Girls Hostels)


Phone: 062-9255470

  The following Hostels are in operation for students:-   Boys Hostels  

1)Abu Bakar HallAbbasia CampusBahawalpur
2)Umer HallBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
3)Ali HallBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
4)Jinnah HallBWN CampusBahawalnagar
5)Iqbal HallRYK CampusRahim yar Khan
Girls Hostels
1)Fatima HallBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
2)Ayesha HallBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
3)Aamna HallBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
4)Khadija HallBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
5)Rabia HallAbbasia CampusBahawalpur
6)Fatima HallBWN CampusBahawalnagar
7)Ayesha HallRYK CampusRahim yar Khan
Faculty Hostels
1)Executive HallBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
2)Faculty Hostel for MenBaghdad CampusBahawalpur
3)Faculty Hostel for WomenBaghdad CampusBahawalpur

  Foreign Faculty Hostel for families with state of art facilities is available at Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus Bahawalpur besides, Faculty Hostel for Men at Bahawalnagar Campus and Faculty Hostels for Women at Bahawalnagar and Rahim yar Khan.