Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Recent advances in the field of Biochemistry and Biotechnology have provided new hopes to the human race for a better future. To benefit from these advances in future, our nation needs to take interest in these fields right now and build human resource. Realizing this important national obligation, BS (4 year) integrated Life Sciences Program was launched in 2007. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) took a bold step in 2009 to establish an independent department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

IUB is probably the most ideal place to initiate such an enthralling and exciting program, as it is situated near Cholistan desert, an arid land mass of 26000 sq km. This land mass can be explored as a model system, using state-of-the art model technologies being developed and applied in various segments of Biological, Biochemical and Biophysical sciences to investigate many unanswered questions related to problems faced by human kind regarding various aspects of its existence on the earth.

Based on the advent of recombinant DNA technology, the discoveries made in the field of Biological Sciences in the recent past have made amazing additions to our knowledge of life and life related issues. Our understanding of biological processes has increased tremendously during the last 50 years and this understanding at the molecular level continues to increase. 

Gene identification, characterization, isolation and cross-organism transfers have resulted into the development of Genetically Modified (GM) crops and animals, improved and efficient diagnosis and treatments, manufacture of a variety of pharmaceutical products using transformed microbes are just a glimpse of the recently made advancements. Some of these techniques are currently being used in various research activities being pursued at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.

The very first batch of BS Biochemistry & Biotechnology is being passed out this year. Taking courses in the department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology means much more than knowledge and understanding related to the general biological issues. The faculty at the department believes that simply classroom courses cannot give full understanding of the real life problems. It is important that the students should have a practical experience to realize the world of life. The department therefore intends to produce graduates who have a working knowledge of the diversity of life and variations in the biological processes at the level of molecules. To achieve this goal our labs are equipped with modern experimental facilities. These facilities are also being used for MPhil and PhD level research projects. Our curriculum has been designed according to the guidelines of HEC. Teaching and training is being imparted through semester system accompanied by a combination of Foundation, Major and Optional (Elective) courses including Research Projects and Internships.

We expect to produce the finest quality Biochemists and Biotechnologists from our department to play important role in nation building. MS Biochemistry & MS Biotechnology programs are being introduced by the current academic session.