The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Notification No. 32    8th Term /2012 B.Sc. Electronic Engineering 
It is hereby notified that the result of the following candidates of the B.Sc. Electronic Engineering
8th Term Examination Session 2007-2011held in December, 2011 has been declared as under:-
Maximum  Marks in this Examination:    800
This notification is issued as a notice only. Errors and omissions excepted. An entry appearing in it does not in
itself confer any right or privilege independently to the grant of a proper Certificate / Degree  which will be issued under the Regulations in due Course. 
Appeared:   61                     Passed:  Pass   45                      Percentage:      73.77 %
Name of Candidate  Father' Name  Total Result  Fail in Subject 
301 07-IU-1447 Anam Ahsan  Muhammad Ahsan  704 PASS
302 07-IU-411 Muhammad Imran Hussain  Muhammad Suleman 629 PASS
303 07-IU-412 Muhammad Fahad Khalid  Khalid Jamil  746 PASS
304 07-IU-1671 Hafiz Faiz Rasool Hafiz Allah Bukhsh  675 PASS
305 07-IU-1448 Muhammad Fawad Abdul Khaliq  629 PASS
306 07-IU-1450 Rehan Zahid  Zahid Ullah  755 PASS
307 07-IU-1451 Syed Talha Zulfiqar Shah  Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah 694 PASS
308 07-IU-1452 Mohsin Raza  Muhammad Saleem  666 PASS
309 07-IU-1453 Mohammad Adnan Yaqoob Mohammad Yaqoob  668 PASS
310 07-IU-1454 Muhammad Ibrahim  Abdul Hameed  745 PASS
311 07-IU-1455 Waheed Ali  Ali Muhammad  670 PASS
312 07-IU-1456 Ali Arslan  Shoukat Hayat Khan  672 PASS
313 07-IU-1457 Muhammad Zubair Anwar  Anwar Ali  669 PASS
314 07-IU-1458 Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah  Syed Nazar Hussain Shah  682 PASS
315 07-IU-1460 Yasir Ahmad  Bashir Ahmad  649 PASS
316 07-IU-1461 Waqqas Afzal  Muhammad Afzal  682 PASS
317 07-IU-1463 Ayyaz Ahmed  Bashir Ahmad  672 PASS
318 07-IU-1464 Muhammad Umar Sharief  Muhammad Sharief  664 PASS
319 07-IU-413 Javaid Akhtar  Ghulam Habib Akhtar  676 PASS
320 07-IU-414 Haseeb Hussain Malik Wajahat Hussain Malik  Fail  TE-424Th, 
321 07-IU-1746 H.M.Raza-ur-Rehman  Muhammad Ibrahim  Fail  TE-424Th, 
322 07-IU-1465 Azhar Hussain  Ashiq Hussain  576 PASS
323 Muhammad Umer Rajput Abdul Rasheed  Fail  ES-422th, 
324 Muhammad Zahid Aslam  Muhammad Aslam  625 PASS
325 07-IU-1466 Usman Ghani  Muhammad Saleem  702 PASS
326 07-IU-1467 Aamir Asghar  Muhammad Asghar  661 PASS
327 07-IU-415 Muhammad Waqas Jamil  Khalid Jamil  Fail  TE-424Th, 
328 07-IU-416 Naveed Abbass Muhammad Altaf ur Rehman  651 PASS
329 07-IU-417 Sufwan Shaukat  Shoukat Iqbal  Fail  TE-424Th, 
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Name of Candidate  Father' Name  Total  Result  Fail in Subject 
330 07-IU-418 Nazar Ali  Ghulam Hur Jaffari  Fail  TE-424Th, 
331 07-IU-1468 Allah Rakha Anjum  Nazir Ahmed  654 PASS
332 07-IU-1469 Rashid Waheed  Haji Abdul Waheed  650 PASS
333 07-IU-419 Zohaib Anwar  Muhammad Anwar Javed  Fail  ES-422th, TE-424th, 
334 07-IU-420 Muhammad Aamir  Malik Hashim  636 PASS
335 07-IU-1470 Atique Ahmad  Faqir Hussain  Fail  ES-422th, TE-424th, 
336 07-IU-1471 Shah Nawaz Rana Iftikhar  Fail  ES-422th, TE-424Pr, 
337 Ammar Hussain  Iftikhar Hussain  Fail  ES-422th, TE-424th, 
338 07-IU-1472 Shahzad Saleem  Muhammad Iqbal  Fail  ES-422th, TE-424th, 
339 07-IU-1473 Samiullah Khawar  Muhammad Rafiq Abid  Fail  ES-422th, 
340 07-IU-421 Abdur Rafay Saleem  Muhammad Saleem  680 PASS
341 07-IU-422 Hafiz Mahboob Subhani  Atta Muhammad  657 PASS
342 07-IU-1474 Mudassar Amin  Inam ul Haq  658 PASS
343 07-IU-1475 Hafiz Mohammad Sharaz  Haji Wali Mohammad  Fail  ES-421th,  
344 07-IU-1601 Ghulam Murtaza Shahid  Malik Habib Ullah  631 PASS
345 07-IU-423 Sheeraz Aslam  Muhammad Aslam  Fail  ES-421, ES-422,ES-423,
346 07-IU-1476 Muhammad Shoaib Masood  Muhammad Masood Bilal  667 PASS
347 07-IU-610 Usman Yousaf  Muhammad Azam 579 PASS
348 07-IU-1477 Mohammad Abubakar  Zafar Mehmood  647 PASS
349 07-IU-1602 Adnan Zeb  Mushtaq Ahmad  662 PASS
350 07-IU-1222 Zubair Ahmed Mazari  Muhammad Shaban Mazari  673 PASS
351 07-IU-1478 Muhammad Sami Ullah  Hadir Ali  RLA, ES-422th, 
352 07-IU-1479 Usama Rahim Sukhera  Nazir Ahmad Sukhera  695 PASS
353 07-IU-1480 Shahid Javaid  Asghar Ali Javaid  696 PASS
354 07-IU-424 Muhammad Sulman Akbar  Mian Muhammad Akbar  665 PASS
355 07-IU-425 Anjum Zeshan  Mahr Noor Muhammad 693 PASS
356 07-IU-1481 Syed Ayaz Hussain Bukhari  Syed Sajjad Hussain Bukhari  627 PASS
357 07-IU-819 Amir Sharif  Mirza Muhammad Sharif  Fail  TE-424th, 
358 07-IU-1482 Danial Zahid  Zahid Hussain  673 PASS
359 07-IU-426 Mirza Khalil ur Rehman  Mirza Sultan Baig  594 PASS
360 07-IU-183 Muhammad Usman  Rana Nasrullah  677 PASS
361 Maher Muhammad Feroz  Mahar Ahmad Nawaz  701 PASS
Deputy Controller Exams:  Controller of Examinations