The Islamia uiversity of Bahawalpur
Result Notification No: 17  M.A.Economics Ist-A/2011
It is hreby notified that the result of following Regular candidates of Master of Arts
(Final / Comprehnsive) First Annual Examination.2011 held in August / Septembr,2011 
in th subject of  ECONOMICS has been declared as under:-
Maximum Marks   : 1000   Marks
First Division : 600     Marks or more
Second Division : 450     Marks or more
Third Division : Below 450 marks
Minimum Pass marks : 40
Total Candidates appeared : 230
Total Candidates passed : 68
Pass Percentage : 29.56
Note:- This notification is issued as notice only Errors and Omissions excepted. An entry
  appearing in it does not in itself confer any right or privilege indeependeently to the grant
  of a proper Certificate / Degree which will be issued under the regulations in due course.
 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
        Reappear & Period / Division
3801 06-SVB-34 Nazish Naeem Pass 562 Second
D/O Muhammad Afzal Naeem
3802 05-YWC-114 Andila Fareed Fail VII Ist-A13
D/O Ghulam Fareed
3803 06-Nimb-52 Sadia Perveen Pass 519 Second
D/O Haq Nawaz Sajjad
3804 2007-WB-679 Ayesha Iqbal Pass 557 Second
D/O Muhammad Iqbal
3805 2006-WB-701 Sidra Basit Fail I,II,VI,VIII,XV. Ist-A13
D/O Abdul Basit
3806 07-WB-304 Nosheen Sadiq Fail VIII. Ist-A13
D/O Sudo
3807 2006-WBDR-28 Samia Riaz Fail XV. Ist-A13
D/O Riaz-ul-Hassan
3808 07-WB-648 Rabia Nawaz Fail VI,XIII,XV Ist-A13
D/O Allah Nawaz Bhatti
3809 07-WB-580 Bushra Shakoor Fail VIII. Ist-A13
D/O Abdul Shakoor
3810 07-WB-693 Nadia Kanwal Pass 587 Second
D/O Muhammad Arshad
3811 07-WB-377 Nazia Bibi Pass 537 Second
D/O Fateh Muhammad
3812 2005-WB-160 Shahar Bano Fail I,II,VIII. Ist-A13
D/O Qazi Noor Muhammad
3813 07-WB-675 Rehana Kousar Fail I,VIII. Ist-A13
D/O Muhammad Aslam
3814 05-ICB-134 Sunnyia Sham Fail I. Ist-A/13
D/O Sham Lal
3815 07-WB-497 Sumaira Kanwal Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Rana Imam Din
3816 07-WAP-122 Sehrish Bashir Pass 550 Second
D/O Mian Muhammad Bashir
3817 07-WAP-208 Sobia Akhtar Fail I,II,VI,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Malik Muhammad Akhtar
3818 2006-WHP-274 Shakila Tasneem Fail I,II,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Abdul Sattar Ali Anjum
3819 2007-WB-439 Sdaf Batool Abbasi Fail I,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Rasheed Ahmed Abbasi
3820 2007-WB-748 Rabia Sadaf Fail I,II,VI,VIII,XIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Ch:Ghulam Qadir
3821 07-SE-152 Muhammad Sajjd Saleem Pass 559 Second
S/O Muhammad Saleem
3822 07-SE-588 Muhammad Kamran Ali Pass 541 Second
S/O Muhammad Ramzan
3823 07-SE-209 Muhammad Qasim Pass 462 Second
S/O Muhammad Hanif
Prpared by Checked by __________
 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
3824 07-KHP-31 Shahzad Rasheed Fail II,VI,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Haji Abdul Rasheed
3825 04-SE-784 Muhammad Nasir Pass 532 Second
S/O Wazeer Ahmad
3826 05-SE-182 Hafiz Muhammad Nooman Qadeer Pass 587 Second
S/O Muhammad Qadeer Anjum
3827 05-SE-173 Irfan-ul-Haq Pass 623 First
S/O Ghulam Hussan
3824 07-KHP-31 Shahzad Rasheed Fail II,VI,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Haji Abdul Rasheed
3825 04-SE-784 Muhammad Nasir Pass 532 Second
S/O Wazeer Ahmad
3826 05-SE-182 Hafiz Muhammad Nooman Qadeer Pass 587 3830 07-WHP-49 Mehvish Iqbal "
D/O Muhammad Iqbal
3831 07-WHP-32 Misbah Razaq R.L Bank Challan
D/O Abdul Razzaq
3832 06-WHP-3 Rizwana Allah Rakha "
D/O Rana Allah Rakha
3833 07-WHP-04 Asma Naureen "
D/O Nazir Hussain Dilshad
3834 05-WHP-36 Sadaf Irshad "
D/O Irshad Akber
3835 07-WHP-83 Saira Sadia "
D/O Maqsood Ahmed
3836 2006-WCH-324 Ayesha Afzal Pass 532 Second
D/O Muhammad Afzal
3837 2006-WCH-167 Talat Noreen Fail I.II,VI,XV. Ist-a/13
D/O Asghar Ali
3838 05-WCH-134 Asima Arshad Pass 533 Second
D/O Muhammad Arshad
3839 07-WCH-57 Sidra Mujahid Fail I,VII. Ist-a/13
D/O Sh:Muhammad Mujahid
3840 07-WCH-95 Mahreen Anjum Fail VIII. Ist-a/13
D/O Asghar Ali
3841 07-WCH-75 Tayyaba Anwer Pass 541
D/O Muhammad Anwer
3842 07-WCH-08 Asma Amin Pass 564
D/O Muhammad Amin
3843 07-WCH-86 Maria Munir Pass 610
D/O Muhammad Munir
3844 07-WCH-181 Rizwana Kalsoom Fail I,VIII Ist-a/13
D/O Fazal Ahmad
3845 2006-WCH-346 Saima Aslam Pass 512 Second
D/O Muhammad Aslam
3846 2004-WCH-101 Huma Asghar Pass 602 First
D/O Rana Muhammad Asghar
3847 07-WCH-389 Asma Shakir Pass 527 Second
D/O Shah Muhammad Shakir
3848 07-WCH-334 Shaista Jabeen Pass 517 Second
3849 2006-WCH-141 Sheeba Nazir Pass 511 Second
D/O Nazir Ahmad
3850 06-WCH-344 Rashida Rafiq Pass 539 Second
D/O Muhammad Rafiq
3851 07-WCH-55 Tanzila Rani Pass 563 Second
D/O Rafique Ahmad
3852 06-WCH-200 Nasreen Bashir Fail I. Ist-A/13
D/O Bashir Ahmed
3853 07-WCH-63 Samina Gulshan Pass 499 Second
D/O Ahmed Din
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 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
        Reappear & Period / Division
3854 07-WCH-381 Aqsa Zafar Fail I. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Zafar
3855 07-WD-56 Sidra Siddique Pass 529 Second
D/O Muhammad Siddique
3856 06-WCH-269 Sadaf Sharif Fail I. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Sharif
3857 06-WCH-441 Hadia Javed Fail I. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Javed Iqbal
3858 2006-WCH-102 Zartashia Pass 540 Second
D/O Manzoor Ahmad
3859 2006-WCH-144 Ayesha Siddiqa Pass 536 Second
D/O Faqir Hussain
3860 07-WCH-23 Sehrish Andleeb Pass 588 Second
D/O Zulfiqar Ali
3861 07-WCH-211 Sidra Shabbir Fail I. Ist-A/13
D/O Shabbir Hussain
3862 07-WCH-116 Sadia Kanwal Fail I,II,IV,VI,VII,VIII,XI,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Iqbal
3863 2004-WCH-337 Salma Perveen Fail I. Ist-A/13
D/O Beer Din
3864 2006-WCH-258 Sumra Rasheed Fail I.II.IV,VI,XV Ist-A/13
D/O Rasheed Ahmed
3865 06-WCH-161 Mehreen Karim Fail I,II,VII. Ist-A/13
D/O Abdul Karim
3866 07-WCH-102 Sobia Kousar Fail I,II. Ist-A/13
D/O Mushtaq Ahmed
3867 04-NCB-28 Farnaz Mumtaz Fail I,II,VI Ist-A/13
D/O Mumtaz Ahmad
3868 07-WCH-462 Sana Latif Fail I,II,VII,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Ch:Muhammad Latif
3869 07-WBN-217 Asma Parveen Fail I,VI,VIII,XVIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Ahmad Deen
3870 06-BN-332 Tahira Ramzan Fail XVIII Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Ramzan
3871 07-WBN-129 Sobia Asghar Fail I,VIII,XVIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Asghar
3872 07-WBN-259 Kanwal Aslam Fail I,VI,VIII.  Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Aslam Shakir
3873 05-WBN-229 Khuzaima Safdar Fail I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,
D/O Muhammad Safdar XIII. Ist-A/13
3874 2006-WCH-135 Saima Amin Pass 612 First
D/O Nazir Ahmad
3875 05-WBN-160 Asma Nazir Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Nazir Ahmad
3876 07-WBN-412 Nabila Khizar Pass 519 Second
D/O Khizar Hayat
3877 07-BN-92 Abid Hussain Pass 660 First
S/O Subah Sadiq
3878 07-BN-107 Syed Muhammad Hassan Shah Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Syed Muhammad Mehboob Shah
3879 06-BN-102 Allah Yar Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Khan Muhammad
3880 07-BN-55 Muhammad Mazhar Fail VI,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Jehangir
3881 06-BN-117 Muhammad Yaqoob Fail I. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Iqbal
3882 07-BN-10 Ijaz Ahmad Fail I,II,III,V,VI,VII,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Bakhsh
3883 05-WKP-178 Tabinda Almas Anwar R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Anwar Hussain
Prpared by Checked by __________
 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
3884 2006-WKP-247 Sadaf Naeem R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Malik Muhammad Naeem Akhtar
3885 07-WKP-228 Mehvish Iqbal Sindhoo R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Ch:Zaheer Iqbal Sindhoo
3886 06-AKC-77 Tahira Nawaz R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Rub Nawaz Cheema
3887 07-WKP-466 Iqra Qamar R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Qamar Iqbal Jatoi
3888 2007-WKP-29 Rabia Riaz R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Riaz
3889 07-WKP-361 Rabiha Saleem R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Saleem
3890 05-WKP-177 Samra Firdous R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Anwar Hussain
3891 07-WKP-421 Adila Shabir R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Shabir Hussain
3892 06-WKP-152 Farhat Rashid R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Rashid
3893 07-IB.b-1608 Bushra Kanwal R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Ghulam Qadir Sufi
3894 2006-WKP-334 Sumaira Akram R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Akram
3895 06-WKP-339 Farah Umar R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Umar Hayat
3896 06-WKP-33  Hina Nawaz R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Ahmad Nawaz
3897 04-WR-639 Samina Anwar R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Anwar
3898 05-WKP-100 Sania Nisar R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Haji Nisar Ahmad
3899 07-IB.B-1614 Mariam Sharif R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Sharif
3900 07-WKP-112 Amber Jamal R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Syed Muhammad Jamal Shah
3901 2007-WKP-402 Sidra Rafique R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Rafique
3902 05-ACR-103 Sadia Mansab Ali R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Mansab Ali
3903 06-ABKP-27 Shazia Javed R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Javed Iqbal
3904 06-ABKP-36 Arshia Ashraf R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Ashraf Mehmood Siddiqui
3905 06-ABKP-31 Saira Amin R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Amin-ul-Haq Khan
3906 07-WKP-511 Rabail Naeem R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Naeem-u-Din Bhatti
3907 06-WKP-25 Naseem Nawaz R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Nawaz
3908 06-WKP-480 Sidra Arif R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Arif Hussain
3909 03-WKP-133 Sadia Aslam R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Aslam
3910 07-WKP-525 Shamsa Kanwal R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Shabbir Ahmad
3911 07-WKP-331 Bushra Perveen R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Afzal
3912 07-WKP-75 Nosheen Mehmood R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Mehmood Hassan
3913 2004-WKP-256 Sumera Jalil R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Jalil Ahmmad
3914 07-ABKP-71 Sadia Asghar R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Jam Gulam Asghar
3915 05-WKP-53 Munazza Abbasi R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Abdul Rehman Abbasi
3916 07-IB.b-1609 Asma Liaquat R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Liaquat Ali
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 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
        Reappear & Period / Division
3917 2005-WB-102 Zahra Iqbal R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Muhammad Iqbal
3918 06-WKP-365 Shafia Bibi R.L. Bank Challan
D/O Abdul Hameed
3919 07-BDC-02 Muhammad Saqib Malik R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Muhammad Siddique
3920 06-KP-311 Muhammad Tariq R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Abdul Sattar
3921 07-KP-249 Mudassar Ahmed R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Mukhtar Ahmed
3922 06-KP-72 Abdul Qadeer R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Abdul Khaliq
3923 06-KP-88 Zaheer Ahmad R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Sher Muhammad
3924 06-KP-264 Muhammad Sideeq Ahmed R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Shah Muhmmad Naeem
3925 06-KP-104 Khalid Khan R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Khuda Bukish
3926 06-KP-105 Fida Dastgeer R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Muhammad Hanif
3927 06-KP-261 Qazi Shakeel Ahmed R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Qazi Rasheed Ahmed
3928 06-KP-330 Muhammad Sharif R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Allah Bukhsh
3929 06-KP-330 Muhammad Kaleem-ul-Din Umar R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Mian Muhammad Saleem
3930 06-KP-258 Shahid Ishaq R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Ch:Muhammad Ishaq
3931 06-KP-02 Shahid Hussain R.L. Bank Challan
S/O Elahi Buksh
3932 02-KP-74 Muhammad Zahid Fail VI,VII,VIII,XI,XV. Ist-A/13
S/O Shaukat Ali Nasir
3933 06-KP-82 Tahir Mahmood Fail II,VI,VII,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
S/O Hakim Ali
3934 07-ABKP-33 Muhammad Zeeshan Fail VII,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Rasheed Ahmad
3935 07-ABKP-31 Muhammad Ajmal Fail VI,VII,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Abdul Hakim
3936 07-ABKP-09 Amna Maryum Akbar Pass 603 First
D/O Muhammad Akbar Ali
3937 07-ABKP01 Madeeha Shabir Pass 571 Second
D/O Shabir Ahmed
3938 07-ABKP-02 Maleha Shabir Pass 629 First
D/O  Shabir Ahmad
3939 07-ABKP-20 Shariq Jamil Pass 607 First
D/O Muhammad Jamil Mujahid
3940 07-WKP-527 Musarrat Shaheen Fail VI. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Ashraf
3941 07-ABKP-19 Nosheen Azam Fail II,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Azam
3942 07-ABKP-03 Zoya Hafeez Fail II. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Hafeez
3943 06-WR-282 Misbha Nisar Pass 487 Second
D/O Nisar Ahmed
3944 07-WR-530 Mehreen Mushtaq Pass 557 Second
D/O Mushtaq Ahmad
3945 05-WR-289 Sobia Asghar Pass 594 Second
D/O Muhammad Asghar Ali
3946 05-WR-291 Nazia Asghar Pass 553 Second
D/O Muhammad Asghar Ali
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 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
3947 07-NCR-68 Hina Naeem Pass 620 First
D/O Naeem-ud-Din Qureshi
3948 04-WR-536 Firdous Bashir Pass 553 Second
D/O Bashir Ahmad
3949 07-WR-556 Iram Tuffail Pass 566 Second
D/O Muhammad Tuffail
3950 09-IB.b-4168 Sabeen Afzal Pass 579 Second
D/O Muhammad Afzal
3951 07-WR-323 Shumaila Mukhtar Fail I,II. Ist-A/13
D/O Mukhtar Ahmed
3952 06-WR-09 Asma Parveen Kayani Fail I,II,VI,VIII,XI. Ist-A/13
D/O Noor Hussain Kayani
3953 06-WR-308 Ayesha Khaliq Fail I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,
D/O Abdul Khaliq XV. Ist-A/13
3954 07-CR-88 Sadia Yaqoob Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Yaqoob
3955 2005-PCR-135 Hina Fatima Pass 490 Second
D/O Muhammad Ali
3956 07-WR-298 Toba Aslam Fail I,II,III,V,VI,VII,VIII,XI. Ist-A/13
D/O Mluhammad Aslam
3957 07-WR-587 Nadia Zahoor Pass 546 Second
D/O Zahoor Ahmed Khan
3958 07-CR-105 Nazia Nawaz Fail II,III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Syed Muhammad Nawaz Shah
3959 06-WR-36 Najma Bibi Fail I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Abdul Sattar
3960 06-WR-110 Sehrish Aziz Fail VI,VII,VIII,XI. Ist-A/13
D/O Raiz Aziz Ullah
3961 06-NIACR-53 Rumana Kouser Fail I,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Musharaf Hussain
3962 06-NIACR-29 Hira Shahid Fail I,II,VI,VIII,XV Ist-A/13
D/O Shahid Jamil
3963 06-NIACR-16 Ayesha Jabeen Pass 521 Second
D/O Rab Nawaz
3964 07-WR-290 Misbah Yaseen Pass 501 Second
D/O Ghulam Yaseen
3965 07-WR-568 Neelam Asif Pass 529 Second
D/O Ashiq Ali Asif
3966 07-WKP-529 Rashda Irshad Fail II. Ist-A/13
D/O Mian Irshad Ahmad
3967 2006-WSD-380 Munaza Khanum Fail I,II,V,VI,VII,VIII,XIII,XV.Ist-A/13
D/O aAbdul Sattar
3968 07-WR-462 Samayya Afsheen Fail II. Ist-A/13
D/O Shoukat Ali Zareen
3969 07-ACR-01 Fariha Haider Pass 568 Second
D/O Ghulam Haider
3970 2007-WR-460 Fatima Sheereen Fail II,VI,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Shahdat Ali
3971 06-ACR-02 Maria Shoukat Pass 610 First
D/O Shoukat Ali  
3972 06-NCR-57 Shabila Yasmin Fail I,II,IV,VI,VII. Ist-A/13
D/O Gulam Muhi-ud-Din
3973 2007-WR-591 Fariha Malik Fail I,IV,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Talib Hussain Malik
3974 06-NCR-01 Saima Iqbal Fail II,IV. Ist-A/13
D/O Iqbal Ahmed
3975 07-WR-168 Nazia Amin Pass 485 Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Amin
3976 06-WR-71 Shahida Riaz Fail I,II,VI,VIII,XIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Riaz Ahmed Shahid
3977 07-NIACR-77 Humaira Muneer Fail II,IV,VI,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Muneer Ahmad
Prpared by Checked by __________
 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
        Reappear & Period / Division
3978 2007-WR-449 Ayesha Irum Fail I,II,IV,VI,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Faqeer Muhammad
3979 07-WR-484 Naila Noor Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Noor Muhammad
3980 07-NIACR-34 Anum Zulfiqar Fail I,II,III,V,VI,VII,XV Ist-A/13
D/O Rana Muhammad Zulfiqar
3981 06-WR-631` Jawaria Zulfiqar Fail I,II,VI,VII,VIII,XIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Zulfiqar
3982 06-BCR-48 Saima Anwar Fail I,II,III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,XV Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Anwar
3983 07-CR-100 Afshan Mukhtar Pass 504 Second
D/O Mukhtar Ahmed
3984 06-WR-297 Maria Fatima Fail I,II,III,VI,VII,VIII,XIII,XV Ist-A/13
D/O Abdul Sattar
3985 09-IB.b-4158 Iqra Abdul Jabbar Fail II,VII. Ist-A/13
D/O Abdul Jabbar
3986 2007-WR-53 Shamyla Yousaf Fail VI,XV Ist-A/13
D/O Yousaf Ghouri
3987 05-KFR-416 Umer Affan Fail II,IV,VI,VII,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Mushtaq
3988 09-Ib.b-3822 Waqas Ali Pass 572 Second
S/O Arshad Ali
3989 2007-KFR-559 Shahzad Ahmed Fail XV Ist-A/13
S/O Manzoor Ahmed
3990 2007-KP-12 Ayub Dildar Fail II,VII. Ist-A/13
D/O Dildar Masih
3991 06-KFR-150 Muhammad Irfan Irshad Fail I,II,VI,VII,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Irshad
3992 06-KFR-335 Muhammad Bilal Ashiq Fail I,II,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,XIII ,XV.
S/O Ashiq Hussain Ist-A/13
3993 07-SD-07 Muhammad Wasim Akram Fail I,IV,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Akram Abbasi
3994 2005-KFR-536 Shoaib Akram Fail I,V,VI,VII,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Akram  
3995 07-KFR-`87 Rahat Ali Fail II,VI,VIII,XV Ist-A/13
S/O Ghulam Rasool
3996 06-KFR-180 Saeed Ahmad Fail I,II,IV,VI,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
S/O Mushtaq Ahmad
3997 06-PRK-07 Naveed Hussain Fail I,II,III,V,VI,VII,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Aslam
3998 2007-WR-43 Aisha Abdul Sattar Pass 529 Second
D/O Rao Abdul Sattar
3999 07-NIACR-06 Waheed-ur-Rehman Fail I,II,V,VI,VII,VIII,XIII,XV.Ist-A/13
S/O Nazeer Ahmad
4000 08-IB.b-3891 Muhammad Zaffar Fail I,VI,VII,XIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Ghulam Rasool
4001 2006-NIACR-112 Muhammad Yaqoob Fail I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,XV.Ist-A/13
S/O Muhammad Ali
4002 07-IB.b-2260 Muhammad Zahid Fail I,II,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
S/O Ghulam Mustafa
4003 07-WSD-178 Ghazala Riasat Pass 563 Second
Riasat Ali
4004 07-WSD-11 Saira Nazir Pass 600 First
D/O Nazir Ahmad
4005 07-WSD-126 Nazia Rasheed Pass 567 Second
D/O Rasheed Ahmad
4006 06-WSD-74 Shazia Rasheed Fail VIII Ist-A/13
D/O Rasheed Ahmad
4007 07-IWS-96 Anila Wali Muhammad Pass 580
D/O Wali Muhammad
Prpared by Checked by __________
 Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Obtained / paper/s to
        Reappear & Period / Division
4008 07-IWS-102 Saima Tahir Pass 550 Second
D/O Ghulam Murtaza Tahir
4009 07-IWS-98 Marryam Anwaar Pass 645 First
D/O Muhammad Anwaar
4010 07-IWS-97 Humera Ashraf Pass 603 First
D/O Muhammad Ashraf
4011 07-IWS-69 Humna Hanif Pass 637 First
D/O Ch:Muhammad Hanic
4012 07-IWS-93 Tooba Shahzady Pass 659 First
D/O Abdul Majeed
4013 07-IWS-77 Nabila Aslam Pass 568 Second
D/O Muhammad Aslam
4014 06-NICR-06 Shumaila Akhtar Pass 469 Second
D/O Akhtar Ali
4015 06-IWS-116 Farzasna Kousar Fail II,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Aslam
4016 09-IWS-257 Fakhra Batool Fail II,III,VII,VIII,XV Ist-A/13
D/O Malik Ghulam Qasim Haidri
4017 06-IB.b-2429 Samia Jabeen Fail II,III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Khalid
4018 05-WSD-57 Sobia Abbas Fail VIII Ist-A/13
D/O Abbas Ali Shakir
4019 05-WSD-79 Binish Zahid Fail II,III,VIII. Ist-A/13
S/O Zahid Munir
4020 05-WSD-322 Rehana Shamshad Pass 577 Second
D/O Muhammad Shamshad
4021 07-IWS-71 Rabia Riaz Fail VIII Ist-A/13
D/O Riaz Ahmad
4022 07-WSD-128 Afshan Mushtaq Fail VIII Ist-A/13
D/O Mushtaq Ahmed
4023 07-WSD-98 Sehrish Zafar Fail II,IV,VI,VII,VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Zafar Ullah Khan
4024 07-IWS-119 Sadia Rasheed Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Abdul Rasheed
4025 07-IWS-517 Asifa Anwar Pass 551
D/O Muhammad Anwar
4026 07-IWS-167 Rimsa Azhar Fail VII.VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Azhar Mahmood
4027 04-ACSR-20 Shahnila Rasheed Absent
D/O Abdul Rasheed
4028 07-WR-611 Iqra Rafque Fail VIII. Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Rafque Tahir
4029 07-WR-578 Madiha Liaquat Fail II,IV,VI,VII,VIII,XV. Ist-A/13
D/O Liaquat Ali
4030 Urooj Fatima R.L Registration
D/O Abdul Saboor Khan
Assistant Controller (Exams:)  ASHRAF JAVEED RANA
 Controller of Examinations