PRO NO. 161/12
Dated 11/8/2012
Public Relations Office
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Efforts are underway to make the Islamia University, Bahawalpur, a leading one in all fields of education and research and due to the hectic efforts, according to the latest Research rankings of the  Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the IUB is on the 13th position  in the 111 universities of the country so it is a matter of great pleasure but our aim is to bring the Islamia University , Bahawalpur  among the top five universities of the country and for this, we have to work hard jointly to achieve the goal at earlier stage.
This was stated by the Vice-Chancellor, IUB, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar while addressing the meeting of the Heads of the departments and the Principal Officers of the IUB here today.
He remarked that the recent achievements and success in the field of research was the clear proof of devotion, dedication and cooperation of the Faculty and administrative sections under a committed leadership.
He directed to form a comprehensive academic calendar at earlier stage for proper academic system in all the educational departments for better results.
He directed to introduce the Campus Management Solution based on the computerized record in all the departments to improve the quality of education and academic discipline.
He also directed to formulate a special committee to check the degrees of the admission seekers in the IUB in the coming sessions to scrutinize the fake degrees and strict action should be taken against such culprits who found guilty in this process.
He assured that the employees of the IUB should be given due respect and benefits so the rules and regulations should be made according to the staff friendly policy for better and healthy results.
He further directed to ensure that the guilty students involved in irregularities and different cases and were fined by the  Disciplinary/Action Committee of the IUB should not be re-admitted in the university.