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    Directorate of IT

    IT has become an inherent and indispensable component of teaching, research, and campus life. Realizing the importance of Information & Technology. Directorate of IT has been established under the direct supervision of the Vice Chancellor. The head of Directorate of IT is Director IT who is responsible and Incharge of all the IT matters of five campuses including three campuses at Bahawalpur and two sub campuses at Rahim Yar khan and Bahawalnagar.

    Scope of Functions
    faculty and scholars.
    8. Develops and manages IT budgets. Hires and manages IT staff, determine is capital improvements.

    Directorate of IT

    Activities of IT Directorate
    Projects and initiatives under the supervision of Deputy Director IT:

    i. Campus Management solution (CMS)
    The HEC has initiated a project named as Campus Management Solution to make universities world class center of education, research and development. This Project automates majority of task that are required for proper functioning of the university. Deputy Director IT (Project Director CMS) and his C.M.S team are working with Techlogix team to execute the project under the kind supervision of Worthy Vice Chancellor. The project has been completed and some of the main modules have already been implemented.

    A. Provision and installation of networking to more faculties and Departments.
    B. High speed internet provided to main campus and sub campuses of Rahim Yar khan and Bahawalnager.
    C. Bandwidth increased up to 12 Mbps from 2 Mbps for more then 5500 nodes.
    D. Wireless Networking is being done in different locations.
    E. Managing the delivery of information technology services including web, email, network storage, software and hardware updates and backup and recovery services.

    iii. Computer Labs
    Directorate of IT has 25 computer labs equipped with latest PC's multimedia and internet facility. All Labs are fully furnished and air-conditioned. Basic aim of these Labs is to carry out Research across a broad range of subjects and facilitate the students with Modern IT related equipment.

    +92 62 9255483 (Baghdad Campus)
    +92 62 2285840 (Abbasia Campus)
    + 92 62 9255249 (Khaja Farid Campus)
    Staff Members Directorate of IT
    Ashraf Javed Rana
    Director IT
    Khalid Mahmood
    Additional Director IT
    Aurang Zeb
    Deputy Director IT
    Akmal Shahbaz
    Haroon Akhtar
    Web Master
    Muneeb Fasih Ansari
    Assistant Director IT
    Muhammad Jawad Pirzada
    Network Administrator
    Junaid Ahmad
    Assistant Director IT
    Shahzad Rafiq
    Assistant Network Administrator
    Syed Kashif Hussain Kazmi
    Assistant Network Administrator
    Abdul Waheed Khan
    Assistant Network Administrator (Kwaja Farid Campus)
    Abdul Azeem Qureshi
    System Operator
    M. Shoaib Munir
    Videocon Engineer
    Muhammad Najmuz Zaman
    Assistant Network Administrator
     Muhammad Javaid Iqbal
    Assistant Network Administrator
    Khalid Sharif
    Assistant Network Administrator (Bahawalnagar)
    Abdul Muqsit Muhammad Khan Lodhi
    Assistant Network Administrator (Abbasia Campus)
    Internet Usage Policy for University Employees
    IT/Network Helpdesk
    1. The IT/Network helpdesk have been established in the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Bahwalnagar and Rahim-yar-khan campuses.
      • Departments may contact for their I.T, networking and telephones equipment’s related problems to the following officials on the contact numbers given below.


    Contact Person

    Contact #



    Bahawalpur Campuses


    Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus

    Muneeb Fasih Ansari

    Assistant Director IT




    Jawad Babar

    Network administrator


    Javaid Iqbal

    Assistant Network Admin

    062-9255062 (IT Equipment)

    Abbasia Campus

    Junaid Ahmad

    Assistant Director IT




    Abdul Muqsit Khan Assistant Network Admn

    Khawaja Farid Campus

    Abdul Waheed Khan

    Assistant Network Admn



    Bahawalnagar Campus


    Khalid Sharif

    Assistant Network Admn



    Rahim-yar-khan Campus


    Shaheen Kousar

    Lab Administrator