Career @IUB


Career @IUB


Situations Vacant (Registrar and Controller of Examinations)

Situation Vacant Research Associate Deptt. of Physics (IPB-1322)

Situation Vacant Research Assistant Deptt. of Mathematics (IPB-1324)

Situation Vacant (Research Project daily paid labour, Skilled and Un-skilled)

Situation Vacant Research Assistants (Department of Soil Science)

Situation Vacant Research Associate (Soil Science Department UCA&ES Project)

Research Assistant in (HEC) Funded Project IPB-537

Corrigendum IPB-437

Situations Vacant IPB-437

Project Based Career Opportunity

Situation Vacant (University College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences)

Corrigendum IPB-1475 (Situations Vacant "Registrar and Controller of Examinations")

Situations Vacant (Senior Medical Officer and Medical Officer) [19-01-2017]


SITUATIONS VACANT(Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Homeo Doctor, Hakeem and System Operator) [01-01-2017]

Situation Vacant at IUB [29-12-2016]

Situation Vacant HEC Funded Project, Department of Media Studies [14-12-2016]

Situation Vacant (Research Associate in Higher Education Commission (HEC) funded Project) [10-11-2016]

Situation Vacant Research fellow in Higher Education Commission (HEC) funded Research Project[26-08-2016]

Project Based Career Opportunities[26-08-2016]

Situation Vacant at Management Science IUB[11-08-2016]

Situation Vacant at University College of Engineering & Technology IUB[26-07-2016]

Situation Vacant (Research Associate)[20-07-2016]

Situation Vacant Research Associate (HEC) funded project[02-07-2016]


Project Based Career Opportunities[01-06-2016](Expired)

SITUATIONS VACANT[06-05-2016](Expired)


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